I opened up my emails this morning to see that the XFL emails that I’d subscribed to has sent me some correspondence. I was actually hoping for the official team announcement.

Sure I would like to hear that the St Louis Battlehawks will be returning.But let’s focus on the head coaches including my boy Hines Ward Jr.

I peruse through the list of coaches and noticed that there are several great black sports legends in the cluster. Moreover, I have admired Ward Jr., for many years since his big Pittsburgh Steelers’ days.

My hats goes out to Rock Johnson and his partners at the XFL, they are for minority inclusion and it just might shake up the game.

Hines Ward Jr., born in South Korea, to a Korean mother and a black father. He was in Atlanta most of his life, and played at the University of Georgia.

In the third round pick of NFL Draft 1998, Jr., had gone on to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers. A career where he had it good and bad.

The Steelers had won the Superbowl in 2009 with him, and he was noted as a rough blocking receiver. Placing several players out of the game due to his blocking techniques.

Sport Illustrated has named him The Dirtiest Player of 2009. Yet Hines has enjoyed an illustrated career in regards.

Apart from all his community endeavors, he still travels back to his birthplace to represent advocating for social acceptance of foreigners in Korea.

Hines has appeared in many TV and films; one is Dark Knight Rising.You might have also seen him and fellow dancer Kym Johnson win the 2012 Dancing With the Stars competition in addition to all the great things.

Yes, he has a self-effacing issue as reported too; arrested for DUI in Georgia. Lastly, in 2018 Hines was proudly named Ambassador of the Olympics.

Video of DWTS Season 12

Courtesy of Robert Herjavec

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