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As the second week of the NBA season comes to a close, there have been some pretty exciting moments. And, with it being the NBA’s 75th season, I wouldn’t expect anything else. 

This is a special season for the NBA, and to commemorate such a noteworthy anniversary, the NBA decided to honor some of its best players. The NBA announced its 75th Anniversary team, which included greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and current players like Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

The team features so many great players but let’s face it; it is hard to include everyone. Like everything, there are going to be snubs, no matter how deserving a player might be. And the 75th Anniversary team definitely has a few noteworthy snubs. 

Now that the dust has settled a bit let’s look at five players who were snubbed from the team. 

1.) Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has had an interesting career. Of course, he’s had his share of ups and downs, like dealing with injuries and chemistry issues with teammates. But one thing is for sure, Howard was a special player in his prime. 

Howard was the first pick of the 2004 draft. He played with the Orlando Magic, where he dominated. He rarely missed games as he played in all 82 games each season for four consecutive seasons. He also led his team to the NBA Finals in 2009 and was a two-time league leader in blocks (in 2009 and 2010), a multi-time All-Star and a three-time Defensive Player of the Year (2009-2011) in the process. 

The 6-foot-10 center also won his first championship in 2020 with the Lakers. It came way after his dominating days, but he still managed to add NBA champion to his lengthy resume. 

Howard may not be the player he once was, but we cannot deny what he’s accomplished. And for that, he deserved a spot on the 75th Anniversary team. 

2.) Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh was once of the most skilled and unique big men of All-time. He was athletic, could score in various ways, rebound and could even handle the ball. Bosh arguably paved the way for bigs who weren’t the typical center and had other tricks to their game besides playing in the post. 

Bosh was a two-time NBA champion who won his championships with the “Big Three” Miami Heat. He played a key role in their wins, including a rebound and dish to sharpshooter Ray Allen that saved the Heat in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals. 

Before joining the Heat, Bosh was the focal point of the Toronto Raptors. He was the Raptors’ first player to score 10,000 points and is their all-time leader in categories like rebounds, blocks, double-doubles, and free throws. 

Bosh made an impact in both Toronto and Miami, and despite his career being cut short (due to a health matter), he became a Hall of Famer

Bosh was a special player, and if some of his peers (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony) made the team, he deserved a spot. 

3.) Klay Thompson 

Klay Thompson had a strong response to being snubbed. He took to Instagram to speak his mind of the list. 

“Maybe I’m just naive in my ability to play basketball, but in my head I’m top 75 all time,” Thompson wrote.

Thompson has a strong case as well. He’s a three-time NBA champion, a five-time NBA All-Star, an All-Defensive Second team and much more. He also has the record for most points scored in a quarter with 37 and most three-pointers in a game with 14. Thompson is one of the league’s best shooters, and it’s hard to ignore that. He believes he’s in the top 75 of all time, and honestly, he may have a point. 

The 75th Anniversary team is an extreme honor, and while it’s hard to recognize all the greats, these players deserved a spot.

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