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The NBA has had its share of surprising teams this season. The Washington Wizards are on top of the Eastern Conference, and the Chicago Bulls aren’t too far behind. The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing well and look like a potential playoff team. And, before a two-game losing streak, the Toronto Raptors looked like a strong team. But with so many teams playing well, it is no surprise there are a few underwhelming teams as well. Here are three of the most underwhelming teams of the Eastern Conference. 

1.) The Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are a talented team. With players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown leading the way, the Celtics have been a playoff-bound team for the past few seasons. But their playoff hopes could potentially be at risk. 

The Celtics are ninth in the East with a record of 7-7. This isn’t a bad record, but they are just reaching .500 and would normally be one of the top teams of the East. 

Boston also had its share of chemistry issues as veteran guard Marcus Smart recently called out Brown and Tatum for not passing the ball

“There’s only so much I can do without the ball in my hands, I just stand in the corner,” Smart said. “When we’re running plays for our best players, every team knows that, they do a good job of shutting that down. We can’t allow that, when they shut that down we can’t keep trying to go to those guys, we got to abort that and find them another way to get them the ball in spots that they need the ball. And like I said for me, I can only do so much standing in the corner, or when I come up and give the ball away.”

Things may be finally turning around for the Celtics, but Smart’s comments and an unproductive team meeting are something to keep an eye on throughout the season. So, we’ll see what happens. 

2.) The Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are the defending champions, but they don’t look like it. The Bucks are 11th in the East with a record of 6-8. They are also on a two-game losing streak with losses against the Celtics and Hawks. 

The Bucks have been without one of their key players in Khris Middleton. Middleton tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to miss eight games. Middleton is expected to return today as the Bucks face the Lakers. This should help the Bucks get back on track. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo is having a solid season, as he averages 26.5 points, 11.3 rebounds and 6.0 assists. The two-time MVP is doing his job, even if the Bucks aren’t. 

The Bucks can still make the playoffs, but their journey won’t be easy. If the team gets it together, we could see them rise up the standings very soon. 

3.) The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks were a surprise last season. They made the Eastern Conference Finals and beat impressive teams like the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers to get there. Led by their star guard Trae Young, the Hawks were considered a team to watch out for this season. But things haven’t gone according to plan. 

The Hawks are 6-9 despite being on a two-game winning streak. They are 12th in the East, and for a team that did so well last season, this is definitely underwhelming. 

Young averages 25.5 points and 9.1 assists this season, and similar to Antetokounmpo, he’s taking care of business. But who else will step up?

The Bucks, Celtics and Hawks are playoff-bound teams, but at the start of the season, things aren’t looking good. Can they regroup? Only time will tell. 

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