Photo by Parrish Lewis (Netflix)

Teyonah Parris (left) 

Jamie Foxx (Middle)

John Boyega (Right)

I’m not sure what this movie is. Is it a comedy?  Or is it a 70’s Black Exploitation flick?

Yet could it be a conspiracy theory film? Or is it all of them wrapped in one movie?

However you want to classify this film, I think it’s worth your attention. They cloned Tyrone lands on Netflix on July 21st.

Jamie Foxx, plays a pimp named slick, Teyonnah Paris appears as a prostitute that goes by “Yo yo”, and the star of the film is John Boyega who you may remember from Star Wars or other films, he plays the title role of Tyrone.  You’d never know he was British as he hides his accent very well as most British actors playing American parts tend to do.  See the actors that play Spencer (All American), and Franklin, on Snowfall, yes both British actors, (Daniel Ezra and Damson Idris).

Anywho, the movie takes place in modern times despite the film having a feel of a 1970’s blaxploitation film.  The movie is set in a poor to working class black neighborhood in “Anywhere” USA, that the characters refer to as “The Glen”. Tyrone is shot in the early part of the film by a rival drug dealer, and people on the street see him die. 

Yet, Tyrone is awakened from his bed the next morning.  It’s not the same Tyrone, as we find out.  Someone has cloned Tyrone, and the trio of Slick, Yo yo, and a cloned version of Tyrone team together to figure out what is going on in “The Glen”.

While it took me a while to figure out what this movie is, and I’m still not sure, or what time it’s supposed to be filmed in, or where the Glen is, figuring it all out is a fun ride.  The further you dig and get into it the more you’ll like the movie.  I promise you sticking to the end will be worth it.  Other notables that pop up in the film are, Kiefer Sutherland who appears as an antagonist, David Alan Grier as the local Pastor, and “Lil Murda” from P Valley played by J Alphonse Nicholson, he appears as a rival drug dealer(to Tyrone).

If I had to compare this movie to something I’d compare it to Undercover Brother, just being a lot more serious, where Undercover Brother didn’t pretend to be serious but tackled similar subject matter.

“They cloned Tyrone”, starring John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonnah Paris, will be streaming globally on Netflix July 21st.   I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.  If the time period was clearer, and the genre of film was a little clearer, it might have gotten 4.5 stars.  But I still highly recommend streaming this movie.

Trailer for “They cloned Tyrone”

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