“What comes up must come down.” Economies have shown over the decades that they can’t avoid the meaning of this old saying. But you can avoid the strain on your finances by taking up a side hustle. While there are numerous side hustles you can dive into, enduring a recession means that you’ll want to pick a side hustle that can weather the storm. So here are five recession-proof side hustles that will have you earning cash even in a tough economy.


When it’s time to tighten the belt, unneeded items often get sold to make up the difference. Or perhaps some belongings are simply taking up too much space. Either way, there’s money to be made! You can find items for free or cheap on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and sell them for profit to the right buyers through platforms such as eBay, Mercari, and Poshmark. With so many items floating around on the used market, reselling can net you some good side money.


Rides will always be needed to get people around, no matter the shape of the economy. Ridesharing is a popular way of getting from point A to point B for many, and is also a popular side hustle that provides cash flow for many. If you’ve got a reliable set of wheels, then you’re in business. Ridesharing has flexible scheduling, so even as you to take care of your family or work your job, ridesharing allows you to squeeze in the hours you need, when you need. (The featured image)

Being a Virtual Assistant

Do you like the idea of sitting comfortably at a desk for your side hustle? Then working as a virtual assistant is a great option for you. Being a virtual assistant is a form of remote work that you can do right through your computer at home, or on-the-go where wifi is available. You’ll do mostly administrative tasks for your client or clients, such as scheduling or event coordination. This side hustle can be heavy on typing though, as data entry is a common task for virtual assistants.


It’s hard to beat a classic. Babysitting has been around before side hustles were much of a thing, and it’s been an outlet for responsible teenagers and adults to make money from ever since. This is an especially good side hustle for those who like, or at least don’t mind, being around kids. Just bear in mind that the demands will range largely depending on how old the children are. The younger the children the more work, generally. Living in or near an affluent area makes higher rates for babysitting easily within reach as well.


Dogs are amazing companions, and can be great for mental health. This is true for tough times, including economic hardship. Busy schedules make it difficult for some dog-owners to provide their furry friends enough fresh air and exercise. If you’re a dog-lover, you can get paid to walk your favorite kind of pet. Even if you aren’t a dog-lover, dogwalking still pays, which makes it a nice side hustle to rake in some dough during a recession.

Wrapping Up

A recession doesn’t have to mean financial struggle. These side hustles provide nice opportunities if you’re looking for that extra cash. And who knows…if you love one of these side hustles and you continue to increase your profits from it, you might be able to turn it into a full-time gig!

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