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 In the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, an award-winning middle school math teacher and her husband have embarked on a revolutionary journey to fuse hip-hop culture with mathematics education. Meet Keziah Finney, a Certified Mathematics and Science Teacher with over two decades of teaching experience, and her husband James, the dynamic duo behind Lyrical Math—an innovative curriculum designed to elevate math learning through the power of hip-hop.  Mrs. Finney’s inspiration for Lyrical Math stemmed from her keen observation of students enthusiastically memorizing and reciting hip-hop songs during various school activities. Recognizing the potential of this engagement, she decided to channel that energy into the classroom by creating hip-hop lyrics that explained complex math concepts. 

The impact was transformative—students not only lit up with excitement but also demonstrated increased comprehension levels.  As a hip-hop artist herself, Mrs. Finney seamlessly integrated her original music into the curriculum, turning math lessons into lyrical masterpieces. Her husband, James, highlights the program’s effectiveness, stating, “Through the use of our highly engaging videos, music, scripted teacher guidebook, and one-of-a-kind student workbook, Lyrical Math provides the necessary resources for anyone, certified teacher or not, to teach math effectively.”  The success of Lyrical Math has spread beyond Mrs. Finney’s classroom, with educators across the state embracing the program. Charter School of New Castle (CSNC) recently approved the use of Lyrical Math, with teachers like Ms. Brittani Christian, a 3rd-grade teacher at the school, incorporating the curriculum to bring excitement and engagement into her classroom.  

Lyrical Math employs a multi-sensory approach, using music, videos, a scripted teacher guidebook, and a unique student workbook to enhance the learning experience. The Finneys have created an “edutainment” powerhouse under JFINTV Studios LLC, aiming to close the math academic achievement gap in Delaware and the Tri-State area.  Last fall, Mrs. Finney left her full-time teaching position at H.B. DuPont Middle School to take Lyrical Math on the road, reaching schools throughout the state. The program teaches math strategies through catchy, instructional hip-hop music, cultivating a creative and enjoyable environment for students to grasp mathematical concepts.  As the Lyrical Math movement gains momentum, Keziah Finney and James Finney continue to make strides in transforming math education, proving that the marriage of hip-hop and mathematics is a winning formula for student success. 

For those seeking to explore Lyrical Math further, the official website,, serves as a gateway to an innovative world where learning meets the rhythm of hip-hop.

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