October 30, 2021

Patricia Pou: Faith In Action at The Rock Church

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Patricia Pou, faithful member of St. Alphonsus "Rock" Church in St. Louis, MO discusses faith, family and embracing the Redemptorists mission of sharing the full gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed to those in need.

Patrica Pou speaks candidly about her connection to community through St. Alphonsus Rock Church. VIdeo courtesy: LogoGraphicsDesignandAdvertising

My name is Patricia pew, and I’ve been in higher education for approximately 25 years. I am currently the Associate Director of Faculty Development and continuing education at ATCO University, Missouri school of Dentistry and Oral Health. In my 25 years of being in higher education, I’ve always felt, and I’ve always told my students something that I learned early on in life, through my parents and through my churches, that education is freedom. Education is your ticket to be able to do and make some choices in life that as an African-American leader, not always been able to make, oh boy, my fate makes me who I am today.

Growing up in this church, it has always been the center of my life. I’ve been a member of St. Alphonsus Rock Church now for 50 something years. and I have learned in all those years, that faith is key to your life. Just recently, my brother went through a great health care deal and I drew on my faith and now praise God that he is here with us today. I was able to talk to him today and he said “I would not have gotten through this experience if it wasn’t for my faith.” First and foremost, I believe in God, Jesus Christ, that he will provide for us in whatever way that we need him to. We are covered in the blood of Jesus. And I thank God for that.

As a Church, you’ve got to get out and talk to people…

…the one thing that I remember and what the Redemptors do all over is they get out into the community. There were times, you know, almost every evening, they would walk around the community, talk to people, communicate with the neighborhood.
And that is what is going on today.

My family has and I been here for over 50 something years. I believe we came to the “Rock” 19.. 66 or 67. So I’ve been here for a long time and I have enjoyed every moment of it, In all the years that I’ve been here, I have enjoyed it. Through the different pastors through the different, ministries. I especially enjoy now being in the praise ministry, that praise moving ministry. It gives me an opportunity to express my, “joyous-ness” if that’s word through movement. I just love my church family. I love the Rock family. It is like no other experience that I’ve had. I embrace the the mission to joyfully preach, teach and live. The good news of Jesus Christ is what resonates with me. I remember being at a Jenga planning meeting. It’s a youth conference that the longest centers used to have for youth. And as one of our young Rock church parishioners, I believe it was Brandy Cahill that. said you may be the only Bible that people read. And that just blew me away because she’s right.

You know, people look at you and, and you have to portray what they don’t read in the Bible. You have to show what it’s like to be a Christian, what it’s like to live by faith. And so that’s why I’m. happy to joyfully preach, teach and live the good news of Jesus Christ. I am so happy to be able to do that every day of my life.

I grew up in this community where the Rock Church is located. And the one thing that I remember and what the Redemptors do all over is they get out into the community. There were times, you know, almost every evening, they would walk around the community, talk to people, communicate with the neighborhood. And that is what is going on today. Father Steve Benden… I thank him because he has taken on Grills To Glory. He invites the neighborhood, the surrounding community to come in, to share, hot dogs, snacks and a drink every Saturday. And that’s what we need to do.

We need to get out into community. We need to see what’s going on in the community, not just in St. Louis, but all over. We need to understand what does our community need? You know, we have the food pantry. That’s what they need. We need to be able to be that “home” of providing for the needs of our brothers and sisters who may not be able to provide for themselves.

Leran more: Visit: https://www.stalphonsusrock.org/

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