Jimmy G is hurt, Baker Mayfield has a new home, and Lamar Jackson is also on the mend. The Bills will have to deal with Von Miller being out for the year as well. 

Here we go with the start of Week 14; Thursday’s game is already in progress as this is being published.

(52) Stephen A.: Lamar Jackson should’ve NEVER stepped out on the field with all that money at stake! – YouTube  First Take discussion about Lamar’s injury

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 Brady’s Comeback against the Saints

Sunday Games

Ravens vs Steelers – Can the Ravens steal a win with a back up QB? The Steelers vs Ravens rivalry is always super physical and tough, I have a pesky Steelers team finding a way to beat the Ravens who have had a pattern of fading in the late season.  Winner : Steelers

Jets vs Bills – If Josh Allen can avoid Redzone turnovers this should be a comfortable win for the Bills.

Winner: Bills

Browns vs Bengals – Deshawn Watson still is not looking like himself yet.  Joe Burrow looks like grown up MacCauly Culkin, but he is also rounding his way into being a perennial top 5 top 10 QB in the league. Who dey! The Crazy Cats from Cincy get the W.  Winner: Bengals

Texans vs Cowboys – Someone put the Texans out of their Misery, The Cowboys finna kill dem boys.  Winner – The Cowboys

Vikings vs Lions – Fighting Kirk Thuggins vs The Fighting Dan Campbells – Detroit is scrappier but the Vikings are more talented so I’ll roll with the Vikes.  Skol! Skol! Skol!  Winner – Vikings

Jaguars vs Titans – Titans bounce back with a home win against the Jags.  Winner – Titans

Eagles vs Giants – Big rivalry within the NFC which has the best record of any division.  Giants make it close but the Eagles continue to roll.  Winner – Eagles

Chiefs vs Broncos – This should be a marquee match up, but Russell Wilson and the Denver have stunk it up all year.   The trade for Russell Wilson looks worse every day further we get from it.  Winner – Chiefs

Buccaneers vs 49ers – Tom Brady and the Bucs will find a way to beat the 49ers who are down to a third string QB with Jimmy G out for the year.  Winner Gisele’s Ex and the Buccaneers.

Panthers vs Seahawks – The Seahawks have not played great lately but a lowly Panthers team might be the elixir for the Hawks to get out of their slump.  They’ll also have 12th man in their favor.  Winner – Seahawks

Dolphins vs Chargers –  The Chargers should be better than 6-6.  But is that not the story with them every year.  They are perpetual underachievers, and Tua and the Fins will take a trip to LA where the Chargers do not really enjoy a robust home field advantage. Winner – Dolphins

Monday Night Game 

Patriots vs Cardinals –  Two teams that aren’t winning, great another sparkling match up.  Thanks NFL. The should be a way to flex out of bad match ups for prime time games.  Anywho, Kyler Murray is uber talented but a bit of a malcontent, and Cliff Kingsbury does not have a great record of having his teams finish strong at the end of seasons.  So by default I’ll give this one to New England.   

Winner – Patriots

Loser – The Fans that have to watch this in prime time.