Image by Kelly Sikkema

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Whether you are black, white, brown or in between,  Love created  all” ( Martha High, The Goddess of Soul,  The Magic of Xmas album: Lyrics by Dr. Yemaja Jubilee, Thee SOUL-FULL Poet

 It Is proclaimed the most wonderful time of the year with joyful celebrations, and gift-giving. A time when our friends and family gather in our homes. We go shopping, buy gifts, and decorate the Xmas tree.

  When I lived in New York and worked a full-time job, I went out on Xmas Eve in the traffic,  the honking of horns, and many people who like me made last-minute purchases. My stomach was churning, and my mind was racing. I had headaches and felt there needed to be two of me. Cooking, cleaning, and attending Holiday parties, with the family and those surprise gathering was stressful, and like many other women, I put the needs and wants of others before my own.

Many years have passed. I now put self-care at the top of the list.  We as women deserve to treat ourselves with the sweetness, softness, and yes sacredness of our own self-care. We are not Superwoman! Our self-care is the recognition and affirmation of our own value and worth. It is the act of loving and respecting ourselves as  Beautiful  Brilliant Beloved Beings.

 These are some of the self-care practices   I now utilize during the holidays… I call them THEE SSSSS GURLS OF SELF CARE:

  1. SYBD- Sit your butt down-
  •  Sitting on the side of your bed in the morning, be silent, and practice deep breathing. Deep breathing calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety.  You can practice deep breathing by inhaling slowly through the nose, filling the lungs, and exhaling slowly through the mouth, emptying the lungs.  Push your reset button, using the index finger of your left or right hand to push the center of your other hand, and do deep breathing in any stressful situation.
  1. Stay in your own lane 

There is no one else to please or impress. What people think of you is none of your business. Don’t allow others to cast shame or blame on you for what they deem inappropriate. Some might even say, but this is not how your Mother did it! Just say to them, Honey thank you for that observation and I will take that into consideration.

     3. Sweet Soft Slumber 

Getting enough sleep restores energy, mood, and mental clarity. Practice good sleep hygiene by following a consistent bedtime routine, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine before bed. Sleep in a cooler and dark room.

4.  Self-care Boundaries

Saying no to unwanted or unnecessary obligations preserves your time and energy. It helps avoid resentment, guilt, and overwhelm. We as women can practice setting boundaries by being clear and communicating our needs and preferences. I  have had to say, “I will get back to you” or “I prefer not to be involved at this time. Thank you for asking me”.

5. Sing, Smile, dance, Laugh

As you cook, clean, and decorate put on your favorite music and dance.  Dance by a mirror and greet yourself with a high five and smile at her, then laugh out loud!  “ The Magic of Xmas” By Martha High, The Goddess of Soul is one of my favorites.

6. Sacred, Soulful Satisfaction

Everything is sacred! Everyone and everything is made by a higher power. You are the emanation of a power greater than yourself. So, taking care of you is spiritual. SOUL means Spiritual Oneness Used for Living. So, we align ourselves with it. Practice gratitude by writing down at least three things that you are thankful for. My satisfaction comes from putting myself and my self-care as a necessity.  Beloveds, self-care is important for us during the holidays.  Self-care is personal and can vary depending on your needs, preferences, and circumstances. So, I challenge you during this holiday season to create your own self-care plan. If you miss a day, do not beat yourself up. Give yourself permission to start over and keep on moving. As women, we are amazing and powerful, and we will treat ourselves accordingly. So, enjoy the Holidays! Give yourself permission to Be an SSSSSS Gurl in your own unique way…. Happy Holidays Beloved Beings!