Hello, my name is Bryan Anton Hines, and I’m the owner of Bryan’s Mixology mobile bartending service. My brand focuses on making delicious detail craft cocktails and mocktails for our special clients and their guests. We provide nothing but excellent quality of class and nothing less. Based out of the Mid-South of the bluff city in Memphis Tennessee.

Let us quench your thirst.

My Story:

After being released from one brand, to starting my own. It takes a lot of unpaid hours, a vision, sweat, tears, some borrowing, a few donations, dedication, encouragement, sacrifice, and a huge amount of believing in yourself. Moreover, the most important and valuable part is knowing that you have someone or others believing in your abilities to make it happen.  

Because, I’ve learned that this is a true journey in building my very own business and getting my brand noticed. You can talk about doing something and tell all your friends and family about what you want to do, but when you ask God for the help and began to work in your vision of the idea that you’ve  been talking about. You start to see that very thing come to life and take form. It’s no longer just an idea. It’s a promise and  more. 

Furthermore, it’s just like when a newborn has made their first appearance into the world. They have parents. A business has an owner.  Newborn babies they receive a new name. A new business receives a new name. There’s a legal birth certificate for the newborn. A business has a legalized business license. As a newborn child also receives a (SSN) social security number.

In addition, a new business receives a (EIN) employer identification number. The same concepts in taking care of a newborn. I found it easy to utilize some of the same techniques in birthing a new business when building it up from the start . With advertisements, research, promotions and development. Your business will grow into the brand that your audience won’t ever forget.