‘Claim to Fame’ winner Gabriel Cannon and his brother Nick Cannon | Credit: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez, Bruce Glikas/WireImage

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US, September 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Gabriel Cannon takes home the victory by winning Season 2 of ABC Network’s “Claim to Fame” Gabriel had a moment to speak on the radio & television with TV and Radio Host of the “On Air with Brandon Jay” show on iHeart about his most recent experience of being a TV star on a very competitive reality competition. The winner takes home $100,000 Cash and injects into his/her community. It just so happens that Gabriel, did the best job on Season 2 where no one was able to guess which star he was related to. At the end of the competition after it being announced that he won he received a surprise video shout out from his brother Nick Cannon. Brandon, asked Gabriel what’s next. Gabriel’s response “I’m ready to host Game shows, produce new projects, release new music and even step into the acting world. In the interview they also spoke about how others can make a positive difference in their communities and even touched on the subject of life lessons and identifying what’s best in our lives.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

After dominating challenges and fooling his housemates into thinking he was related to a star athlete, Claim to Fame’s Gabriel was named the celebrity relative guessing game’s season 2 winner and revealed as the brother of The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon.

In his exit interview following Monday’s finale, Gabriel Cannon tells EW why his famous sibling had a change of heart about him being on the show, talks about sharing a scene with runner-up Monay’s dad, J.B. Smoove, as a teen, and reveals that he just uses Google to remember the names of all of Nick’s 12 kids. Plus, the charismatic competitor says he’s ready to give his big bro a run for his money: “Pass the torch a little bit, Nick. Let me host. Let me get my feet wet. You’re about 20 years in!”