In a world that often seems rife with adversity, one Detroit-based non-profit organization is making a powerful and inspirational difference in the lives of Black and brown youth. Encourage Me I’m Young (EMIY) Inc., led by its President and Founder, Calvin T. Mann, is on a mission to uplift and empower the next generation through innovative initiatives. Recently, EMIY has introduced a remarkable mobile mentoring bus and a dynamic apparel line, both aimed at inspiring and supporting Black youth and their families.  

At its core, EMIY is dedicated to providing support to Black and brown boys, girls, and their families who face the daunting challenges of daily life. With the launch of the EMIY mobile mentoring bus, the organization has taken a bold step toward reaching young individuals in crisis, those who lack positive role models in their lives. This mobile bus rolls up to sporting events and community activities, providing immediate encouragement and mentorship to the young children present. The bus’s ability to traverse neighborhoods, moving from “block to block” and “community to community,” ensures that EMIY can connect with these young people, offering guidance on career pathways, access to higher education, and the vision to recognize their boundless potential.  

Complementing this impactful mentoring initiative is the EMIY Apparel line, a collection of clothing designed not just to make a fashion statement, but to inspire entire communities to rally behind and uplift Black youth and families. These shirts and hoodies proudly display the EMIY logo alongside inspiring phrases like “Dedicated to Legacy,” “Beautiful is the Only Way to Say Family,” “I’m Possible,” “Good Fathers Only,” and “(Swag) Standing With an Awesome God.” Each phrase is a testament to the resilience, strength, and infinite potential inherent in Black youth.  

Calvin T. Mann and EMIY Inc. have demonstrated a commitment to combating the negative forces that can stifle the dreams and aspirations of young Black and brown individuals. Through the mobile mentoring bus and the EMIY Apparel line, they’re igniting a spark of hope and possibility in the hearts of these youth, proving that with support, mentorship, and belief, they can achieve greatness. In this journey to inspire and uplift, EMIY Inc. is lighting the way toward a brighter future for Black and brown youth and their communities.