I had the opportunity to take a break, and go personally to check on my dear friend Ms. Deb, of Tripe City, a neighborhood food shop. Ms. Deb, is the award-winning Business Woman of the Year, from my ReMix Awards Show in 2021. Rightfully so, this woman never stops, she is always doing something in the community, and making sure her store is stocked, staffed, and ready to be open for her many customers.

Moreover, if she isn’t at her shop, she might be booking catering gigs for her association at Posh Event Space. In addition, Ms. Deb praises the digital billboard screens, and cordially jumped to the opportunity to host it in her store.

Tripe City

Opened April 7, 2012, with the intent on selling Tripe sandwiches, and chicken wings. However, you can get events catered and decorated by Ms. Deb. In addition to that, Ms. Deb is part of Posh Events Space in the CWE, and you may book your special moment as well.

“Sampling by Ms. Deb, Where the Evidence was Eaten” (Catering company) adorns her food shop, and it is a motto she lives by, being a very religious spirit. Tripe City is open daily 11 am-6pm, with Soul Food coming soon, Wednesday-Sunday.

If Ms. Deb is not at her church, as a profound member of New Life Empowerment Church, you best believe she is busy volunteering for many non-profits in the city.

  1. Better Family Life
  2. NAACP
  3. Annie Malone
  4. Urban League

You can also note Ms. Deb as a celebrity of a sort. Because, she is the official concert caterer; having worked with Kem, Erykah Badu, Katt Williams, Michael Epp and many more.

Last, this award-winning civic prowess, is a mother of several natural children, grands, and a host of God-given children as well. She is also an Eastern Star member for 10 years.

Always some good eating at Tripe City; Tripe, polish, chicken wings, fries, fish and more!

Posh Event Space 350 N Boyle Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

Other locations where the DISC system is up and running:

  • Tripe City
  • Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Krab King
  • Omega Center
  • Riverview West Florissant Development Corporation
  • Tapers Barber and Beauty
  • Better Family Life
  • Two of a Kind Bar & Grill
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  • Gwen’s Restaurant
  • Ladies of Elegance Salon & Spa/Ryze Manufacturing
  • NAACP St. Louis County
  • Annie Malone Childrens Home
  • In Da Loop Restaurant

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