ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/ — DeShonda Monique Jennings, a renowned advocate for resilience and leadership, is making waves in the worlds of entrepreneurship, education, and empowerment. She is set to take the stage as one of the keynote speakers at the prestigious Author Allstars event in Atlanta on December 14-16, 2023. Jennings, known for her role as a dedicated Business Start-up Coach with extensive experience in childcare, is on a mission to help women launch profitable businesses while reclaiming their time, even in the face of an upcoming recession.

Jennings has recently expanded her portfolio with the release of her latest book, “COACH: Creating Outcomes and Actions by Changing Habits.” This transformative title reflects her unwavering commitment to guiding individuals towards positive change through actionable steps and transformative habits. To get your copy of this book or any of DeShonda’s books, visit

In addition to her speaking engagement and book launch, Jennings has unveiled two exciting initiatives:

**1. Child Care Association: DJ It Takes A Village**

DeShonda Monique Jennings introduces the “DJ It Takes A Village” Child Care Association, a vibrant community composed of providers, parents, and community partners united by a common goal: Quality, Affordable Child Care. This association is poised to make a significant impact on the childcare industry, even amidst challenging economic times. To become a member or learn more about this initiative, visit

**2. Empower and Recharge: A Weekend Self-Care Getaway for Educators**

Educators, it’s time to prioritize self-care! DeShonda Monique Jennings presents “Empower and Recharge,” a 3-Day Self-Care Retreat designed exclusively for educators. Prepare for a transformational journey of self-discovery and renewal, nurturing your well-being, and equipping yourself to thrive during economic uncertainties. To secure your spot and access more details about this rejuvenating retreat, visit

With over 20 years of experience in childcare and 15-plus years in entrepreneurship, DeShonda Monique Jennings empowers women to turn their passion for childcare into thriving home-based businesses, even during recessions. Her comprehensive offerings include webinars, memberships, an 8-week program, personalized 1-on-1 coaching, eBooks, Childcare In A Box kits, and engaging courses.

“I help women turn their love for children into a profitable home-based childcare business in 60 days or less,” emphasizes Jennings about her impactful mission, irrespective of economic challenges.

Clients praise Jennings for her dedication to guiding them step by step through the entrepreneurial journey, fostering their confidence and momentum. Her innovative perspectives on learning centers, entrepreneurship, and child development are captured in her diverse collection of book titles, including “Learning Through Play,” “Life of An Entrepreneur,” “How To Start A Quality Home Daycare,” “Girl Get Up Dare to Rise Above Mediocrity,” and “Women Inspiring Nations Vol. 4.”

Stay connected with DeShonda Monique Jennings through her website,, and on social media platforms. You can find her on Instagram @deshonda_j and on Facebook at Her professional presence is also showcased on LinkedIn at

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