In the world of stock trading, where complex graphs, intimidating jargon, and high stakes can deter newcomers, J.R. Fenwick and Eric V. Johnson, affectionately known as “The Stock Flipper” and “The Options Professor” respectively, have emerged as two pioneers with knowledge. These two seasoned stock traders have not only mastered the art of trading themselves but have also dedicated their careers to teaching others, especially African Americans, how to navigate the intricate world of stock trading. Together, they have revolutionized financial education with their innovative online game, “Flip That Option.”  

With over 15 years of individual stock trading experience under their belts, J.R. Fenwick and Eric V. Johnson first crossed paths over 8 years ago. Their shared passion for finance and mutual desire to bridge the wealth gap within the African American community quickly turned them into fast friends and business partners. The duo’s mission was clear: empower people to understand and conquer the stock market.  

The glaring disparity in stock market participation between African Americans and other racial groups has long been a concern. This gap is one of the primary contributors to the wealth divide between Black and white communities. J.R. and Eric decided to address this issue head-on by developing a user-friendly, approachable, and engaging tool to teach stock trading principles. Their brainchild, “Flip That Option,” has since become a game-changing force in financial education.  

What sets “Flip That Option” apart is its simplicity. Designed for beginners, the game breaks down the barriers that often deter aspiring traders. Learning to trade options becomes a fun and non-intimidating experience, thanks to the duo’s expertise and innovative approach. In just under 5 minutes, players can place trades during the day using their laptop, tablet, or smartphone, making it accessible even for those with busy schedules.  

J.R. and Eric are on a mission to democratize financial literacy and empower as many people as possible, particularly within the African American community. “This is a skillset you can use the rest of your life, and we are committed to teaching as many of our people as possible the valuable and life-changing skill of trading options,” they affirm.  

With their dedication to financial inclusion and their game-changing online tool, J.R. Fenwick and Eric V. Johnson are not only making the stock market accessible but also creating opportunities for wealth accumulation that can ultimately narrow the wealth gap for African Americans. Their legacy as pioneers of financial education is sure to inspire generations to come.