ATLANTA, GA, USA, August 3, 2023/ — Alvin and Calvin Waters bringing the iconic Randy’s Donuts to Atlanta has generated significant excitement among locals and visitors. Randy’s Donuts, a renowned Los Angeles landmark, has been serving delicious donuts since 1962 and is famous for its giant donut sign, which has become an iconic symbol throughout the world.

Alvin and Calvin Waters, both Georgia natives and passionate fans of Randy’s Donuts, were inspired by their frequent visits to the Los Angeles location during their travels. Recognizing the absence of such an iconic donut shop in Atlanta, the brothers decided to collaborate with Randy’s Donuts owner Mark Kelegian and introduce the franchise to their beloved city.

The Waters brothers have a successful track record in the entertainment and fashion industry, having launched and managed popular artists, music producers, and fashion brands globally. Their commitment to quality and entrepreneurship is evident in every venture they undertake, making their decision to bring Randy’s Donuts to Atlanta is a testament to their passion.

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