Underestimating the power of fashion is a horrible mistake. One of the main things a person will notice about you is the clothing, shoes and accessories you wear. When it comes to style and fashion, you need to live in a constant state of reinvention. Reinventing your style is hard work, but it is also a very enjoyable activity. 

A recent study found that 65 percent of Americans struggle to find something to wear on a daily basis. If you’re tired of going to your closet and being disappointed with the clothing and accessories you find, it is time to take action. 

Do you want to look more stylish? If so, here are some things you can do. 

1. Realize That Jeans Can Be Accessorized

When in doubt about what to wear for the day, most people throw on a pair of jeans. A good pair of jeans can be both stylish and comfortable. Some people think that they have to automatically wear a t-shirt when they put on a pair of jeans. While this combination is quite common, you need to work on elevating your jeans with unique pairings. 

Wearing a blouse, carrying a well-adorned bag or putting on a blazer can elevate a pair of jeans. You also need to think about wearing chunky heels or casual sandals with your jeans. Not only will this boost the appeal of your outfit, it will also help you stay comfortable. 

2. Swap Out Your Black Pants For White Ones

Staying on the cutting edge of fashion can be difficult for some. If you want a surefire method of attracting attention from passersby, you can’t underestimate the appeal offered by white pants. Most men and women have a few pairs of black pants that they keep in heavy rotation. Over time, black pants can get pretty boring. 

If you want people to think you are stylish, then breaking out a pair of white pants is imperative. A nice pair of cotton or rayon blend pants can be both comfortable and stylish. For a sophisticated look, you need to pair your white pants with a black top and matching shoes. Adding a bright color jacket or sweater to this ensemble can take your personal style to the next level. 

3. Layer Your Favorite Necklaces

No stylish outfit is complete without great accessories. One of the most popular accessories on the planet is necklaces. Some people think that necklaces can only be worn one at a time. In reality, layering your necklaces is a great way to give a dull outfit new life. The great thing about layering necklaces is that there are really no rules. 

This means you can mix and match stones, lockets, pearls and pendants. If you want to avoid getting your necklaces tangled, you can link them all together. This will form one big chain that won’t get knotted or tangled. 

Are you serious about boosting your personal style? If so, you need to use the information above.