I am amazed how hockey players, can have fights and all is well, baseball managers can kick dirt and another human being shoes {I wouldn’t be to accept that} and all is well. Snoop Dog can public say he loves smoking weed and then proceed on live tv Super Bowl Day, show the world, yes now what?

Former President Donald Trump can totally disrespect women, and nothing is said, but God forbid a black man putting his hands on a white man.  The system can’t allow such to take place. Yet, lets view the white privileged move but let’s come back to that.

In most sports, the unsaid rule is never drive up the score when the results are obvious. Never take an unnecessary time-out, when the results are obvious.

Never push the opposing coach after a blowout lost. It’s called, what white society had deemed, bad sportsmanship.

See, in sociology classes, one is taught to think like the white system and when you act outside of that system, you must be punished. Bobby Knight threw a chair onto the basketball court simply because in 59 seconds his team was called for 3 fouls, what happen to him?

He got just an ejection from the game and a long applause from the crowd. No suspension, no lost of salary because he was the great Bobby Knight! 

Now let’s revisit Juwan Howard and the white privilege accident.

 When a person has that look in their eyes, you don’t impede their progress and you by no means tough a black man in that situation. See, only those white male privilege mindset think they can cross the line and its okay.

Even the $10,000 penalty to Greg Gard was disrespectful within itself. You say why? Because the system admitted he was the initiator, otherwise why penalize him?

Secondly, the culture in which blacks live in now and the way blacks are mistreated by police officers and white period, there isn’t much room to be humble.

Yet, knowing the deck is stack one continue to take the L, but not on this day. Losing, person putting his hand on you, as if the master is trying to straight out the slave, before public embarrassment and the coward assistant blowing, was a bite too much for Juwan Howard.

No, I am not taking his side because his side needs no support. Juwan Howard is a grown man, with children from the same woman since 2002, his wife and they are doing a marvelous job raising those children.

He knew exactly what he was doing, but here it is. When you’re a black man and you feel cornered plus disrespected, you careless about the consequences. What matter now is making it clear “You got the wrong one” and he response in a very heated moment.

Once you sit down with your family and talk about it and what is @ stake, he decides to do damage control and make an apology to everyone except Coach Gard. Why? The system knew he was wrong but to keep those seats full and save face, apologizing was the best route for all involved.

 See, you got to know the character of Juwan Howard and how much he loves his wife and family. Many times, black men do things for their wives because they love them and in the most struggling times of our lives, they can make sense and taking the ‘L’ is best for us!

You never need to prove yourself and yes, I agree the handshakes should be dismantled, but that’s another of sociologist system which says “Oh it’s only a game, no hard feelings? What a great sport you are”. 

The school wanted to do more but others voice spoke and said that’s enough! Thank you for reading my article and until next time, be safe!

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