The Black Media Movement is it representing ALL BLACK MEDIA outlets or a collective few? This movement seems to isolate BLACK media outlets by not including ALL BLACK media outlets in the process. I have tried on several occasions to contact those individuals supposedly representing BLACK media outlets in the fight to earn the interest of the government and corporate advertisement budgets (including) BLACK media outlets, yet those BLACK  media outlets and BLACK agencies on the forefront are not including ALL BLACK media outlets in the process; this is a problem. 

I am not understanding how in the world is it a disadvantage to BLACK media outlets for the government and corporations do not provide interest when those in BLACK media outlets proposing an address of such disparity are creating (a mirroring) problem within BLACK media by not including all BLACK media outlets in the process and/or conversation. 
As a BLACK MEDIA outlet with over 8yrs of service publishing content; I’m trying to understand why are {BLACK MEDIA OUTLETS}  on the menu of conversation yet not at the table with those who are out her screaming BLACK MEDIA outlets need the support of advertisement dollars from our government and corporations. 

BE IN COLOR MEDIA (fights for {all} media outlets operating at a disadvantage. 

The notice has been severed I have no plans on being silent. We need to ask questions whenever {any} party is being represented yet not given an opportunity to be notified as to 

  • What is the agenda?
  •  How can we as BLACK media outlets be involved?
  •  Where do we sign up to be included in the financial consideration being disbursed?
  •  How will BLACK media outlets be informed regarding the procurement process?

Unstructured and unfair representation is worst than having no voice at all. – Tam Lawrence

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