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Recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Office Depot found that two-thirds of American teachers report feeling burned out. Undated photo illustration. (SWNS/Zenger)
And parents are most excited to encourage their child’s interest in learning and to get more done while their kids are at school. The post Two-Thirds Of American Teachers Report Feeling Burned Out appeared first on Zenger News.
Although mass shootings warrant significant media attention, gun violence among individuals is still more prevalent so much so that gun violence became the number one killer of children in 2020. As dire as the situation seems, there is a cure for this viral epidemic plaguing communities of color. Tune in to today’s broadcast as we discuss this issue with Dr. Fredrick Echols of Cure Violence Global.
Becoming healthy and fit and achieving your fitness goals is hard work, but it is worth it! Notwithstanding, having a guide to simplify the process would be beneficial. The Bible is your health and fitness handbook! Read today’s article to orient yourself with God’s diet and exercise guidelines for a long, healthy, and fit life!
Society provides us with many excuses for being overweight and becoming ensnared by eating disorders. The justifications range from environmental factors to genetics. While those can be contributors to excess weight and disordered eating habits, we must still take responsibility for our failure to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Read today’s article for encouragement to hold yourself accountable and maturity to achieve your health and fitness goals!
If you have not realized it yet, health and fitness is a mind game. It is Satan’s job to either keep you in denial about the unhealthy condition of your body or to discourage you from achieving your fitness goals. If becoming healthy and fit seems unattainable to you, read today’s article to discover that it’s really not as bad as you think it is.
The health and fitness journey can be a lonely one. However, when you eat and drink for God’s glory, He stands with you until the end. If loneliness is tempting you to give up on your fitness goals, read today’s article for encouragement to persevere.
Unfortunately, most people seek instantaneous health and fitness results by trying dangerous diet gimmicks. The hard truth is that weight loss and freedom from eating disorders are accomplished only through hard work and diligently following a diet and exercise plan. Read today’s article for motivation to make your health and fitness routine last for more than just a microwave moment.
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