Very often, those who are overweight or entangled with eating disorders develop medical conditions as a result of their unhealthy lifestyles. Aside from being too fat or dangerously skinny, there is usually a system in the body that is being gravely abused and in danger of failing. If this is a pattern in your family or your own life, read today’s article so that God can heal you.
Many people who are overweight and dealing with eating disorders are plagued by mental and emotional anguish whether it is due to past trauma, mental illness, or body image issues. If you are or have been suffering mental and emotional distress which contributes to your health and fitness decline, read today’s article to learn God’s plan to renew your mind in every way so that you can take care of your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
In 2019, breast cancer surpassed lung cancer as the leading cause of death among African-American women. According to the American Cancer Society, black women are 41% more likely to die of breast cancer than their white counterparts, so chances are you know someone who has succumbed to the disease. Nevertheless, Katina Lane-Fomby is living proof that breast cancer is not a death sentence. Read today’s article for her inspirational testimony of healing and restoration!
It is human nature to feel overwhelmed by problems in our lives. As Christians, however, we should not allow our minds and emotions to dwell on the negativity. If you cannot envision yourself losing weight or becoming free of your eating disorder, then read today’s article to learn how to magnify the Lord instead of your problems.
Plateaus are the bane of everyone who starts a diet and exercise regimen. Contrary to popular belief, however, plateaus are not the big, bad wolf of health and fitness. In fact, they are actually cues for us to follow along the way. Read today’s article to find out what plateaus are and how to properly respond to them.
Human beings are notorious for being dishonest with themselves. We have a tendency to alter the past in a light most favorable to us and to convince ourselves that it is alright to do the wrong thing. That is especially true when it comes to convincing ourselves to abandon our health and fitness goals. If you want to finally succeed, read today’s article to learn how to be honest with yourself.
Conventional health and fitness wisdom tells us that we should not deny ourselves when we have cravings. According to the experts, we should satisfy the cravings by having a small portion of what our body currently desires. The problem is most of us tend to overindulge and end up worse off than we started. Experience teaches us that one time can actually hurt you.
Lack of willpower is a common excuse for failing to stick to diet and exercise plans. Whether it is caving at the sight of your favorite dessert or being too tired to exercise after work, most people have difficulty finding the motivation to start and maintain health and fitness regimens. If you find that you are among those whose flesh is weak, read today’s article for motivation to get healthy and fit as well as encouragement to stay that way!
Although mass shootings warrant significant media attention, gun violence among individuals is still more prevalent so much so that gun violence became the number one killer of children in 2020. As dire as the situation seems, there is a cure for this viral epidemic plaguing communities of color. Tune in to today’s broadcast as we discuss this issue with Dr. Fredrick Echols of Cure Violence Global.
Becoming healthy and fit and achieving your fitness goals is hard work, but it is worth it! Notwithstanding, having a guide to simplify the process would be beneficial. The Bible is your health and fitness handbook! Read today’s article to orient yourself with God’s diet and exercise guidelines for a long, healthy, and fit life!
Society provides us with many excuses for being overweight and becoming ensnared by eating disorders. The justifications range from environmental factors to genetics. While those can be contributors to excess weight and disordered eating habits, we must still take responsibility for our failure to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Read today’s article for encouragement to hold yourself accountable and maturity to achieve your health and fitness goals!
If you have not realized it yet, health and fitness is a mind game. It is Satan’s job to either keep you in denial about the unhealthy condition of your body or to discourage you from achieving your fitness goals. If becoming healthy and fit seems unattainable to you, read today’s article to discover that it’s really not as bad as you think it is.
The health and fitness journey can be a lonely one. However, when you eat and drink for God’s glory, He stands with you until the end. If loneliness is tempting you to give up on your fitness goals, read today’s article for encouragement to persevere.
Unfortunately, most people seek instantaneous health and fitness results by trying dangerous diet gimmicks. The hard truth is that weight loss and freedom from eating disorders are accomplished only through hard work and diligently following a diet and exercise plan. Read today’s article for motivation to make your health and fitness routine last for more than just a microwave moment.
Becoming healthy and getting fit are battles that most people are losing. Although weight loss failures are disheartening and overcoming eating disorders can seem overwhelming, you should not give up. Your life depends on it. Read today’s article for encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to keep fighting on the health and fitness battlefield until you are victorious!
It can be difficult for people to understand that obedience to God’s commandments is proof of your love for Him. It is even harder for them to equate worshipping God with being healthy and fit. Read today’s article to learn how health and fitness corresponds to your spiritual relationship with the Lord.
The foods and beverages we ingest and even the air we breathe are contaminated with all sorts of chemicals that pollute not only our planet, but also our very bodies. Increasingly, people are demanding to know what additives are in the goods they consume and searching for healthier alternatives. Read today’s article to learn more about a popular substance that affects practically everyone, but most people are unaware of.
It has become commonplace to eat “comfort food” when a problem arises in life. Likewise, people don’t consider it a problem to down a few drinks to chase away their blues. Consequently, the world has tiptoed into idolatry without even being aware of it. Read today’s article to learn how to put food back in its proper place!
How many times have you given up on your diet and exercise plan because you were not losing weight quickly enough? Have you ever stopped trying to be free of an eating disorder because you felt it was impossible? Don’t lose hope! Instead, be patient and read today’s article for encouragement to stick with your diet and exercise plan.
Christians enjoy hearing biblical truths about God’s love and forgiveness, but they often hate it when a biblical truth they do not want to hear is preached in a loving way. Nevertheless, in order to achieve your health and fitness goals, you must hear and accept the truth of God’s Word as it pertains to dieting and exercising. If you’re ready to hear the truth, read today’s article!
Anthony Tilghman is a celebrated photojournalist, published author, and philanthropist. Read today’s article to learn more about his educational nonprofit organization, MakeSmartCool, Incorporated.
Growing up is hard to do. That’s why many adults have no desire to repeat childhood. The same can be said for spiritual growth. It’s easier to remain spiritually immature instead of working out your own salvation in accordance with God’s Word. Read today’s article for motivation to take the baby steps towards health and fitness maturity through Christ.