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Thursday Night Football – Already has been completed.  A topsy turvy, back and forth game that came down to the last second was to be expected. But the scoring of almost 60 points by the two teams, The Washington Football Team and New York Giants, was not expected. 

The Taylor Heinicke legend continues to grow.  The Burgundy and Gold faithful for once were looked down upon favorably by the football gods in this game that came down to an offsides penalty that gave kicker Dustin Hopkins a second chance to nail the game winning field goal. 

The Giants fell to 0-2 and the Team with no name left Thursday 1-1.

On the rest of the NFL Schedule:

Bengals vs Bears – If Justin Fields gets in the game this could be a game against two great young QBs Fields vs Joe Burrow.  But because Matt Nagy is steadfast on keeping the Red Rifle as QB1 for now it’s an Andy Dalton return to Cincinnati.  Who cares?   Prediction Joe Burrow and Bengals pick up the W.

Texans vs Browns – The Browns are way too talented to lose to the lowly Texans, so W for the Dog Pound.

Rams vs Colts – The shellacking of poor Carson Wentz continues. He was pummeled terribly in week 1, and seeing Aaron Donald on deck in week 2, it won’t get much better. Rams and Matt Stafford roll over the Colts.  LA gets the W!

Bills vs Dolphins – Tua vs Josh Allen.   The Bills took a tough loss to the Steelers in Week 1, but in a tough AFC contest they bounce back and beat the Fish. 

Patriots vs Jets – Mac Jones goes to the Meadowlands Swamp and picks up his first W-I-N against the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS JETS.

49ers vs Eagles – The Eagles come back to earth after beating down the lowly Falcons last week.  Jimmy G and Kyle Shanahan scheme up a beat down on the Eagles.

Raiders vs Steelers -This once was a battle for supremacy in the AFC back in the day.   It’s not quite that this year but it’s a very good football game, with Both teams coming off of big wins in week 1; the Steelers over the Bills, and the Raiders in a thriller over the Ravens. I think Big Ben’s fairy dust wears off and Chucky and the Raiders find a way to get it done in Pittsburgh. Al Davis from football heaven smiles as his team ust wins baby!!

Saints vs Panthers – Someone call Carol Baskin, because the Saints will come marching in and put a beat down on the those pesky wildcats from Carolina.  Saints win and Jameis Winston pays for his crab legs this time, and enjoys a nice seafood dinner as his team goes 2-0.

Broncos vs Jaguars – Teddy Bridgewater and the “horsies” from the Rockies give Urban Meyer heartburn. Jacksonville loses but Trevor Lawrence will show flashes of brilliance.

Vikings vs Cardinals – The diminutive Kyler Murray will stand tall and squeak out a win over the fighting Kirk Cousins of Minnesota. Spoiler Alert Kirk Cousins will rack up on meaningless stats.

Falcon vs Bucs – Poor Matt Ryan.  Bucs go 2-0.

Cowboys vs Chargers – Dak throws for 350, Justin Herbert does too.  35-31 BOLTS!!!  Sorry Jerry.

Titans vs Seahawks –  King Henry will run wild, but Russ will cook, Ciara’s Husband and the 12th man get the win.

Lions vs Packers – Aaron Rodgers and his long hippie haircut get the Pack back on track, as they bite the knees of Dan Campbell and his playas from Detroit.

Chiefs vs Ravens – Like a Good Neighbor Pat Mahomes is there. Mahomey and the Chiefs have the Ravens’ number. Big Truss (Lamar Jackson), makes it exciting.  But the injured reserve of Baltimore looks like the credits of a major motion picture, and that’s too much to overcome, quoth the Raven never more.  BBQ beats Old Bay this Sunday night.  Chiefs get the W.

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