Poetry for the soul.

No one can wave a magic wand….nor

                             Cast a spell………………..nor

                             Recite a prayer…………….nor

                             Give me blessing of an ethereal chant!

To grant  my divine right to be what that which I was birthed to manifest  on earth,

                             IAM an expression of love & light!

                             know my value ……

                             know my worth…..

                              keenly filled with a sense of me…

                              set my own self free,

                             To be what I am guided to BE!

For I have feasted on the sweetness of  The Big G’s pure Agape LOVE…..

Gurl I am drunk! Intoxicated not medicated! That what I be! I drank an elixir from a golden cup.

 Taste buds on my tongue starts to salivate and alchemize  my negative thoughts , old beliefs, and what others                      think and say about me. I was on fire!

Flames popping hot, burned victim-hood, self-pity and even got that dark cloud filled with despair and depression up above my head.

Yes, Yes! The world called me crazy. You bet I am insane!

 The Alness, the Oneness, the Isness of the Universe gave me freedom and a new name.

A precious Gift I received from The Master Creator,

Who knew all along, No permission needed, for you have come home.

 I live from my heart, Knowing Spirit has me rolling Holy all day long.

So, I dance in delight, jump for joy, and savor my beauty from the inside out, cause I am no longer filled with crumbs                    of doubt..

I am ready to play, trusting my intuition and basking in the luminous light of the Divine, every moment in                          time.

                             No permission needed!

Not any MORE!

Ain’t no slave who can be brow beaten, shackled with chains, head bowed down in shame and sold to the highest bidder… NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no wench, who the master can rape, continuously sexually violate, birth his babies, which he then denies or claim. Then we all live with generational shame…NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no nigger, nigra, nigress, or Negro who because my skin is black, you hate, but let me turn my back you are trying to imitate…. NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no colored person, who has to ride at the back of the bus and enter public places though the back door…. NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no mammy, nanny, or maid who says, “yes mam”, and makes the beds, clean up your filth, nurse your babies, raise your children and mop all the floors… NOT ANY MORE!

 Ain’t no cook who fries the chicken, bakes tarts, and fried pies of all sorts.

Then with my dark callused, rough, ashy hands, I knead your bread, putting a part of my soul in every turn of the dough. Then you eat it devouring a bit of my essence in every morsel and crumb…NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no bitch who has big tits, hole in the middle and big hind parts in the rear, which is a part of my God given natural beauty, but is used in many forms of sexual exploitations…NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no mistress who waits for you, sitting by the phone while you are with your wife and I be at your beckoning call…NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no sluth who screws around with you, your friends or anyone who has a penis, be it for fame money or glory. I will not sell my soul even if it be with Tyrone, Butchy or Leroy… NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no high yellow broad, blue tip or redbone either, but yes we do come in many and different hues, shades and colors…NOT ANY MORE!

Ain’t no skizzer, hussy, nor tramp who is on the prowl like a dog or a prancing ally cat…. NOT ANY MORE!

Spiritual Being,

Human Being,

 Woman of Color,

Soul Sister, Sister Girl, Girlfriend to you and many others!

Genuine, Authentic, Compassionate, Caring, yes warm and loving.

Generous, kind. And yes, yes, Forgiving of self and others.

Spiritual, Sensual, Sexy, Sensitive and yes, yes, I radiate beauty from the inner divine essence of my soul, from my head to my toe, from inside out.

Proud, Beautiful, Black and Bold!

I am Woman and the truth has been told

Cause, I am the MOTHER of all





Be in the flow… U GOT THIS, YES U DO ; The path is clear just for U. NOW RUN tell that! ASE! ASE! ARMEAN, ARMEAN…..

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