As Women’s History Month comes to a close, add one more name to your list of history makers. Camillya Masunda is a single mother who launched the first Black-owned winery in North Carolina. Spectrum News 1 reported that fewer than 30 of the approximately 200 wineries in North Carolina are Black-owned. However, Masunda took a bold leap and launched Ebony Wine & Spirits in September 2020.

According to Spectrum News 1, Masunda’s wine brand is sold across the southeast. It will launch soon in three more states, including New York, Texas, and Florida.

The founder of Ebony Wine & Spirits says that the wine is ‘meant to intrigue the taste buds of even the most experienced wine connoisseur.’ Four varietals of white and red wines were reportedly inspired by her family’s Congolese roots.

An entrepreneur at heart, Masunda also told Spectrum New 1 that she offers a core Afrocentric curriculum that includes early reading, yoga, STEM, foreign language, and math through an educational center geared to enrich learning for children under seven. It is called Cultural Giving Tree For Early Learning L.L.C.  Generational wealth is also on Masunda’s mind. Her daughter, Lanayah, who is the wine brand’s creative director, was described as ‘a high-achieving high school senior.’

A talk radio show also interviewed Masunda. On’s platform, Masunda remarked that it feels amazing to own the only black-owned wine & spirits company in Charlotte, which makes her a part of history.

“As crazy as some might have thought, to know that what we chose to do in this during a pandemic, I know it will be remembered, and the hope is to be inspirational to people that look like us. To be a part of an industry that lacks representation and take head-on and truly be fearless to change and shape the future of wine was my ultimate goal,” Masunda also said, in the interview.

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