Power TV’s Courtney Kemp Secures Eight-Figure Overall Deal with Netflix

Courtney Kemp and Netflix are teaming up.

The Power TV creator, Courtney Kemp lands a new deal with Netflix. 

According to Black Enterprises, the television writer and producer has reportedly signed a four-year overall deal that is estimated to be worth eight-figures. 

Kemp’s deal follows Netflix’s $100 million deal with Shonda Rhimes in 2017 and hopefully pave the way for more black women to get major deals in the future for writing and producing. 

Don’t worry Power TV fans, Courtney isn’t going anywhere, according to Complex, she will continue to serve as an executive producer for all the original show’s spinoffs. Kemp also discussed her loyalty to the Power squad in a recent post to Instagram, saying, “And don’t worry #powerfans, I’ll be keeping an eye on the #powerverse too!” 

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