Image: David von Diemar

By: Amy Powell

NORTH OGDEN, Utah (KABC) — A man from Long Beach is dead after he was caught on camera shooting and killing his estranged brother in Utah.

Ring doorbell video captured the moment of the shooting.

Police say 66-year-old Jeffrey Roberts shot and killed his brother, Scott. Authorities said Roberts drove from Long Beach to his brother’s house in North Ogden, Utah.

Scott opened the front door, had a brief conversation, and then Roberts allegedly began shooting.

Scott’s wife was in the house and was also shot. She survived and remains in the hospital.

Neighbors said they heard the gunshots and called police. When authorities arrived, Roberts began shooting at them.

“I was sitting on the couch watching TV then I heard shots and jumped up ran out on my deck and heard three more shots,” said neighbor Kevan Bybee, who called police.

Officers returned fire, killing Roberts. The Weber County Attorney’s Office released video of the shooting on its YouTube page. Viewer discretion is advised.

Roberts reportedly used road flares to set the house on fire.

Meanwhile, in Long Beach, longtime friends held an estate sale Friday at the home where Roberts lived. They said they’re shocked by the violence.

“Family estrangement and situation led to this tragedy,” said a friend named Julie. “Others pushed him to the brink, we believe.”

The couple’s daughter set up a GoFundMe page aimed to assist her mother after her father’s death.

The motive of the shooting is unknown.

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