By Pastor Richard Jackson

  The pain of incarceration is felt beyond the walls of confinement and seldom is the attention given but certainly warranted and not addressed appropriately nor adequately enough! Did you know that 44% black women and 33% black men has someone incarcerated compared to 12% white women and 6% white men, but all are dealing with the pain of incarceration!

See the pain is felt regardless of your nationality. Pain, mental or physical hurt. Pain, embarrassment, shame, lack, trouble just to share a few adjectives. Many women, many extensive families played no role in the criminal activities of the persons confined.

Never agree to support them on any level, should they continue to live opposite of wisdom. However, they find themselves drawn into this cycle of pain. More than 50% of black families are more devastated than other families, when incarceration takes place.

In 2010, National Prearranged Services CEO and co- founders were indicted for fraud in St. Louis, MO and I am going somewhere. Those families, the six-defendants left behind, were shocked when all their bank accounts were frozen!

Their homes seized, vehicles seized yes, they had time to move but in 2009 when life was sweet, and they travel abroad, at no time did they think in 2013 they would be homeless. Pain of incarceration. 113 million persons, approximately has a family member incarcerated, which means it could be local, state of federal prisons.

113 million have experienced a family member spending at least one day in jail. When we expand that list to grandparents, cousin, children, aunt, uncle the number is over 115 million persons have felt some sort of pain from incarceration.

Pain of incarceration when relating back to the incarcerated loved ones, is seldom a concern of those confined. Seldom, are considerations given to the care providers especially babies mothers about the cost of travel or canteen money. Seldom do incarcerated persons consider everyday life routines many experienced, while they are confined.

Usually, for the most part and I speak from experience, those confined are only concern about themselves. No matter what programs enter the Department of Corrections, very few address the family in pain. So many expect their families to support them, regardless of the charges and when they stop or refuse, their name is slander to those who listen or are apart of the club called ‘bitter brother’ ‘bitter sister’. Pain!

Families dealing with incarceration loved ones, can’t apply for assistance base upon their loved ones being incarcerated, due to, in some cases lost incomes. Many faiths base places, can only extent their arms so far, due to limited resources. Pain.

Who does the laundry, while still trying to feed the children? Who prepares the cooked food, while making sure they stop arguing? How can she answer the phone, work every day, stay loyal to a dishonest partner, who’s only concern is money?

While they have time to write books [long letters] she is dealing with little rest, no social life and when she does respond to the call here it is” Where the h _ _l you been? I been calling all day what the”? Well, you know and who in their right mind wants to deal with that? If that’s not enough to be accused of being unfaithful to a deserter, while he may be chasing or being chase by the sex demon. He has magazines, killing himself but wants her to live like Sister Theresa. Pain!

My time is up and thank you for sharing your time with my column. Part 2 next week: But I thought you loved.

Pastor Richard Jackson-Criminal Justice and Incarceration reform

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