Merry Football Christmas a bunch of games will be delivered by NFL Santa on Christmas and on Christmas Eve.  Christmas normally belongs to the NBA, sorry Adam Silver not this year. 

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Jets vs Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence has been firing on all cylinders recently.    The Jets are also feisty, but I’ll take Jags, better QB, and better coach.  Winner – Jags (Slight Upset alert, Jets are favored by 2.5)

Christmas Eve Games

Falcons vs Ravens – Ravens are still fighting for their playoff lives, even without Lamar I think they’ll beat the Falcons who are in rebuild mode as they’ve gone to their rookie Desmond Ridder at QB.  Winner – The Birds From B-More (Ravens)

Commanders vs 49ers – The Niners are smoking hot right now, and I don’t see that stopping this week. Winner – 49ers

Bills vs Bears – Bills win, but expect some spectacular runs from Justin Fields.  That boy is good!  Winner – Bills

Saints vs Browns – Really who cares… I’ll say the Browns because I guess somebody has to win.  Winner – Anyone who does not have to watch this.

Texans vs Titans – Titans should win but the Texans have been real spicy as of late.  But I’ll take my chances with King Henry and dem.  Winner  Titans

Seahawks vs Chiefs –The Seahawks give the Chiefs a tough game but in Pat (Mahomes) I trust.  The Patrick price is real high these days.  Winner – Chiefs

Giants vs Vikings – The Giants may have given themselves some momentum with their road win over the Commanders (with a little help from the Refs but I digress), and maybe the Vikings have a let down after a historical comeback over the fighting Jeff Saturdays (Colts) last week.  Winner – Giants

A Giant comeback from the Vikings (Video may be blocked by NFL, place link in your browser to watch directly from You Tube)

Bengals vs Patriots – I’ll take Joe Burrow, I think the Pats are still in shock after losing a game so tragically last weekend.  Winner – Who Dey, Them Crazy Cats from Cincy (The Bengals)

Patriots not so happy ending. (Bad Robert Kraft joke)

Lions vs Panthers – Dan Campbell has got the Lions playing, literally like the actual animal.  And not the normal Detroit Lions.   Winner – The Kneecap Biting Lions

Eagles vs Cowboys – Gardner Minschew is starting for the Eagles, Eagles have the division and a playoff spot wrapped up.  The Cowboys should show up and show out but you know it’s the Cowboys.  Still gonna ride with Dem Boys on this one.  Winner – Cowboys

Raiders vs Steelers – Josh McDaniels is an awful head Coach, Mike Tomlin is a pretty darn solid one, the Spirit of Franco will be in the building at the Big Ketchup Bottle in Pittsburgh. It will always be Heinz Field to me. Winner – Steelers

Christmas Day Games

Packers vs Dolphins – The Sun of Miami will be therapeutic for Tua after a tough one in Buffalo in the snow.  Fins win! Winner – Dolphins

Broncos vs Rams – Baker was a nice story in that first win against the Raiders. That fairy dust might have been a one hit wonder, Denver has a ferocious defense and they actually look functional with Russell Wilson.  Winner – Broncos

Bucs vs Cardinals – Brady wins, I don’t even know who will be starting for the Cardinals at QB.  Enough said.

Monday Night Football

Chargers vs Colts – Justin Herbert and the Chargers are finally starting to win games that they are suppose to. This is a game they are supposed to win. Nick Foles will be Indy’s starter. Indy just keeps plugging in old dudes as their starter and it doesn’t work. It won’t work this week either.

Winner – The BOLTS (Chargers)

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Fredrick Lee

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