What we saw this past Sunday was an abomination.  It was not football.  It was boring, and it was played with the speed of a Saturday afternoon walk through. 

I get it, I understand why multi-millionaire athletes do no want to risk getting hurt for a meaningless game.  Well if that is the case why are doing this?

 I know that the NFL gets some ratings and for whatever reason people tune into this because they are still hungry for some football for what used to be after the Super Bowl from Hawaii.

  Receivers were half way running routes, and nobody was tackling. Referees were literally blowing their whistles dead as soon as an offensive player was touched. 

In the first half most of the early scoring was from pick sixes. What made this even more egregious was that the defensive were able to score touchdowns because nobody on the offense wanted to even attempt to tackle them.

 A lot of the best players either opt of the game all together or they don’t play because they are involved with the Super Bowl, which now played a week after the Pro Bowl. So many of the games best players aren’t there because they don’t want to be or because they are preparing for the Super Bowl, so is this really an all star game? 

Then with opt outs players that were not voted in by fans or anybody really end up going to the games as alternates. Now, you have a game with 5-10 alternates that call themselves pro bowlers and they retire and write on the resume 5 time pro bowler when in reality the players who were legitimately voted for weren’t available.

  The days of the late Sean Taylor hitting a punter who tried a fake punt are long over. My vote is to just have a two hour special naming the players, like we use to have with the All-Madden team or like what the NFL Network does with the NFL Top 100 players. Give us cool montages of the league’s best players, with short vignettes of players talking about them as b-roll or bonus footage.

 I believe fans would also enjoy the Quarterback challenge, dodge ball, celebrity flag football games, and the fastest man in the NFL competition. Do this from the site of the Super Bowl to get people through that extra Sunday in the middle. 

But we do not need any more pathetic glorified walk through.

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