Former Miami Heat star and Hall-of-Famer Chris Bosh has had enough of the NFL. And according to Bosh, he is done watching NFL games until he sees more black head coaches on their sidelines. 

On Monday, Bosh wrote about the NFL for his newsletter “The Last Chip” and said that the NFL has a head coaching problem. 

“I’m talking about football’s head coach problem. Specifically, its lack of Black ones. If we’re talking about equal opportunity or diversity or any other word you’d use, it doesn’t exist in the NFL unless you’re an athlete risking your life on the field.” Bosh said. 

Bosh mentioned that he wrote about this issue last year, and since then, little progress has been made. 

“Not only is that still the case, but they’ve regressed: there are fewer Black head coaches now than there were when the season began—down to an appalling count of one.” 

Bosh referenced the recent firing of Brian Flores, despite a 9-8 and a 33-24 win over the New England Patriots to close the season. Flores had a record of 24-25 in his three seasons with the Dolphins. After a 5-11 record in his first year, the Dolphins went over .500 and nearly made the playoffs both years. Bosh said that the treatment of black coaches is an issue, and until it’s fixed, he cannot watch the NFL. 

The former NBA star also discussed not feeling represented by the NFL despite being a fan. 

“This is my perspective as a Black man. But the same is true for women and all people of color: if you’re a fan of the game, it’s probably not because you feel represented by it.”

Bosh’s article came before reports of Flores’s lawsuit against the NFL, where he says racism played a part in the NFL’s hiring practice. And, it looks like Bosh is right. 

The NFL has work to do, and as both the lawsuit and Bosh’s article show, it needs to happen now. 

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