Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival hosted their annual awards show in India, on December 12, 2021. And one of the festival’s selections was an American’s short film Let the Beats Get You Started.

Rodney Norman, an Independent promoter created and directed the series, in addition to Dynasty Television as the co-producer. For season one they started with 8 episodes.

The music artist cast members were given beats and they had to add their own lyrics to them. And then later, they had to perform in front of judges selected on random, as a result.

The Cast

The 7 hip hop and R&B cast: Feva, Ain’t EZ, Buzz the Navigator, Mookie Tolliver, Rickey James,  J-Streetz and Cookie Natari. It started with 8 cast members, however, one member had to leave due to an emergency.

Several beat makers and Independent producers supplied music for them to use. During the first episode filmed, the cast met the judges and the rest of the crew, on September 18, 2016.

The selected episode 2, which was filmed at a local music beat maker’s garage studio. Unexpectedly, it would be the only episode available after the season ended.

Because, an untimely computer crash occured months later, but luckily filmmaker Hosea Baldwin of IL., saved his work. So, that is how they got to the point of the film selection with Mumbai.

The season finale episode was filmed at Back Street Jazz & Blues Club in suburban St Louis, MO. The show taping also included the town’s annual ReMix Awards Show as a back drop, on a very chilly December 20, 2016.

To watch the episode click here.

The trailer

Courtesy of Dynasty Television of Washington DC/St Louis

The award:

Courtesy of Mumbai Entertainment

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