This week I had two films that I was able to early screen and I’m going to tell you about both and let you know whether either is worth your time.

Second up is Plane. Plane is an action-packed thriller starring Gerard Butler, most of you may know him from 300, while some of you may have seen him in Den of Thieves. 

It also stars Mike Coulter who most of us know as Luke Cage from the Marvel show that had two seasons on Netflix.  If you’re not a comic book fan you might know him from Girls Trip as Regina Hall’s philandering husband. 

Ok now you know the main players, the movie centers around a plane trip in East Asia as Butler plays a pilot whose goal is to make it home to see his daughter in Los Angeles in time to celebrate the new year.  The plane Captain Torrance is flying only has 14 passengers and gets a last-minute surprise in the form of a prisoner getting extradited back to the US, (I’m assuming they did not go into much detail about this). 

That prisoner is played by Mike Coulter. Where the movie gets interesting is when Captain Torrance’s plane is sent into a dangerous path through stormy weather to save his airline time and money. That was a bad idea.

The plane goes through some really bad weather, and it will take amazing piloting for Captain Torrance and his co-pilot to get them back on the ground. 

I won’t give anymore plot points away. But that is the basic set up of the movie.

I will tell you there is a good bit of gratuitous violence in this film.  It mixes an airplane thriller with a search and rescue movie. 

Both Butler’s Captain Torrance, and Coulter’s Gaspar kick some serious butt in this movie. 

This movie is Rated R, and there’s some coarse language and very graphic violence.  But if you like action, especially action that is not tied to a comic book character which most action movies seem to be in this era, you’ll love this simple but exciting airplane thriller. 

There is not a lot of great speech making or smartly written dialogue, that’s the only thing that stops this movie from getting five stars from me.  Perfectly paced, and a very fun ride. It clocks in at a little under two hours.

Highly recommended 3.5-4 stars out of five for me.

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