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SANFORD, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023/ — Enthralling listeners with his unique style, enviable drive, and unyielding commitment to authenticity, MOH Hood, also known as Mili_onHustle is an artistic powerhouse who is taking audiences by storm. With his magnetic appeal, honest lyricism, and raw, real songwriting that pierces through everyone’s hard exteriors, the Hip Hop- Indie music star has a lot to offer.

Having dropped his original EP, “Diamond Boy” on May 11th, 2023, MOH Hood has displayed a peerless passion for his craft, creating his own distinct lane in the music industry. Using compelling storytelling and hard-hitting verses, the artist marks a welcome and refreshing break away from contemporary Rap artists who continually focus and emphasize upon superficiality and fleeting pleasures.

Choosing to underscore the bold and brutal realities which go unheard and unspoken, MOH Hood is surely on track to become one of Hip Hop’s finest, unbreakable voices that are creating great impact. Dedicated to his craft, the singer-songwriter generates a unique, raw energy which has the power to captivate every listener and lift the shroud from their eyes towards the cold, hard truths of the world.

A solo indie artist, MOH Hood represents an undeniable intensity and commanding presence, elevated through thought-provoking, introspective lyricism. “Diamond Boy” is a unique portrait of the artist’s wide-ranging talents and one-of-a-kind genre-bending ability.

nspiring listeners to chase their dreams and motivating audiences with his relatable style of delivery and moving personal experiences, MOH Hood displays a depth and impact which has come to become characteristic of his compositions. Connecting with listeners on a deeper level, the artist uplifts and inspires, pushing audiences to exhibit relentless valor in the face of all of life’s challenges and cling onto the hope and commitment for a better result.

“Diamond Boy” is already raking in admiration and commendation from listeners and is bound to uplift the artist to new heights. MOH Hood specifically remains grateful to Royalty n Respect Management, cosmicwiththeillusion, Big Larue, Pro 192 studios, the professor Wes, frost beats, and Producer A2, and flexus for his new feat.

Stream MOH Hood’s new EP and discover a world of fiery passion, truth, and inspiration! Follow the artist’s musical journey on his social media and purchase and buy his merchandise to support the rising star. For interviews, reviews, and other queries, feel free to reach out through the artist’s email.


More than just an artist or songwriter, Florida-based MOH Hood represents a movement of dynamism. Changing the face of Hip Hop, the solo indie powerhouse and entrepreneur continues to push listeners to get focused and channel aggression towards impact. With real rap facts, the artist passionately delivers crucial mentorship to the underdogs with bold lyrical delivery and exhilarating, expert production.



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