As more players enter health and safety protocols, there is at least a silver lining. Players that entered in the past are finally getting out of protocols and will be back in action in the near future. And in the Brooklyn Nets case, they are getting back key players.

According to reports, Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have exited protocols. Nets big LaMarcus Aldridge also exited protocols after being in for two weeks. 

The Nets had a huge outbreak this month, as they had 10 players in health and safety protocols at the same time. This led to three postponed games until their Christmas game against the Lakers. 

Brooklyn’s “Big 3” is back (at least part-time) as James Harden returned on Christmas, and Durant is out of protocols. However, Irving’s status is still up in the air. He can play away games, but he cannot play home games due to New York’s mandate. Irving also cannot play in Toronto due to Canada’s Quarantine Act.

The Nets (when healthy) are still one of the top teams of the East. If they can get everyone back, they’ll be a tough team to beat. And as their players exit protocols, their chances look more promising. 

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