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Special guest contributor, Dr. Lance E. McCarthy

Lance McCarthy

Aaliyah’s charting song ” Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” hits home on many fronts. It’s not just the older men dating young, but it is the mature woman who is looking to star in ” Stella Get Your Groove Back. ”

What was once taboo, is now a lasting part of culture. Reality star-mom, Kris Jenner is seen all over Hollywood with her younger man, and singer Cher most recently talked about her young beau.

In addition, pop star Madonna has always been in style pushing the edge, now with her young thang. The reasons are varied to include older men aren’t as available, and/or as fun, and independent successful women say ” If men can do it, so can I.”

As well as a means of dominating and security concurrently, are all reasons cultures vary in their philosophy about family and love.

I was talking with my Haitian friend, she stated that the alpha women in her family are very successful, so they just have their pool boy move in to have access and control at all times. I think the rise of the independent woman, who takes on male’s traits leads to some male tendencies.

Control allows you to not be hurt or fall in love too much. This also causes role reversal leading to confused gender roles on both sexes.

As the Old Term ” Sugar Daddy ” is changing, you have the new term “Sugar Momma,” where economic benefits are the transactional love connect. I was at the barbershop and the topic of “Cougars” came up.

The young guys were sharing their physical and economic triumphs by going into cougar country. They were saying due to age, the Cougar has funds including extra houses, that they shared and they had benefited from.

Yet the only downside was their beds were wrapped in plastic, as if they didn’t wear their depends. Psychology says the first woman a son loves is his Mother. Hence in Cougar country, it can be the Mother’s lack of love or overly love that triggers the cub to the mature cougar.

It is also said the woman’s libido increases when she gets older and a young cub increases the younger he is. This allows for a mutual energy level.

Love comes in all shapes forms and sizes. If you are lucky enough to find such despite age, then go for it. Life is short and is not defined by a birth certificate.

As long as both are consenting adults then so be it. The challenges in Black Love continue to be an issue, while we try to figure out a balance that will help our culture have long term stability.

Age can’t be a limiting factor when are are in such a crisis. Hence, if a Cougar finds love in the cub, she just needs to know the latest game on X Box unless she becomes the toy.

This is an opinion of our guest contributor, and does not reflect how we feel in any way.

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