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In a latest post affirming her firm adherence to body positivity, famous music artist Lizzo declared herself ‘beauty standard’, with rounds of applause from fans. Her activist work surrounding fat acceptance has been previously well-received by the wider public.

Lizzo, legal name Melissa Viviane Jefferson, sprang into fame in 2019 at the age of only 30. Since then, her work has consistently topped the charts with such hit labels and singles as ‘Truth Hurts’, ‘Juice’, ‘Good as Hell’, and ‘About D*mn Time’. Throughout her yet young career, Lizzo has rapped, and written and performed songs, already winning a Grammy award for her work. Recently, she made her debut into acting, and was even featured in the latest Star Wars The Mandalorian just last month.

In a latest Instagram post around the same time as her Mandalorian appearance, Lizzo updated her fans on weekend, telling them: “I just finished showering and doing my little routine, and you know what I realized, I am f**king gorgeous.” Later in the short video post, still with towels wrapped around her, Lizzo proudly declares: “I am the beauty standard. Catch up, b**ch!”

The caption beneath the post read: “I’m sorry that my perfect face & rockin body offends you… I can’t help that I’m God’s favorite.” Lizzo has also previously called herself a “body icon”.

The post was met with positive comments, with one cheerful fan adding: “Keep up the body positivity!! You are legit gorgeous and have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. Your face glows without makeup, it’s miraculous!! Your positivity will always win against their negativity.”

Many of her best-rated songs also feature body image issues as a prominent theme. In a lengthier post earlier this year, Lizzo rhetorically asked: “Are we OK? Do you see the delusion? Do we realize that artists are not here to fit into your beauty standards?” She added: “Artists are here to make art … And this body is art.” In the same post, she also said that the “discourse around bodies is officially tired.”

In a Twitter post after her Grammys performance in February, Lizzo expressed the same pride in her voice: “Can I say IM SO PROUD OF MY VOCALS!!!” She also thanked “God & my vocal coach for getting me here.”

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