Exposure Magazine Publisher Tam Lawrence, who is also the CEO of Exposure Magazine, and an experienced Publicist along with being a Registered State of Wisconsin Lobbyist- kicked off 2021 (opening) Exposure Podcast with dynamic guests from around the world. The lifetime media mogul has survived numerous obstacles while building an empire. Lawrence advocates for the advancement of media in minority communities; moving away from entertainment and establishing a sustainable legacy in journalism – changing how the world views African Americans.

“We are not animals nor are we bad people. The only way to assist others in Over-Standing our value is to teach them and to lead by example.” – Ms. Lawrence

Today’s interview with A-List International Speaker and Book Author Shawn Fair is brought to you by Aart & Kingsley AgencyExposure Magazine, and Exposure TV Network

Shawn Fair is a motivational speaker and trainer. He has coached some of the most prominent names in the business world with his expertise in the areas of corporate leadership and corporate management. Shawn has an excellent aptitude for engaging, motivating, and inspiring leaders of all levels to achieve their vision. With his ability, he has impacted countless lives across the United States, Canada, and Europe helping individuals come to the realization that change is necessary for their personal and business growth. Shawn has created and delivered World Class Award Winning presentations on large stages within corporations, conventions, and events.

In 2020, his leadership training has reached as far as Budapest, Hungary, to France and South Africa. His personal leadership and management experience in Corporate America allow him to speak with passion and power to all leaders. Now, Shawn Fair is taking his Leadership Experience Tour from the Movie Theaters and Major venues to Digital TV. Starting October 1, 2020, Shawn will have his own digital network on the Onstage Plus and Roku Network where he will be displaying other prominent leadership speakers.  

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Website: www.fairconsultinggroup.com

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