September 21, 2021

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Ann Wooten-Taylor
C.E.O. of EAW Ministries

Bad habits are difficult to break primarily because we become accustomed to them.  To put it bluntly, we become comfortable with our uncomfortable circumstances.  Read today’s article to learn how to finally leave your unhealthy comfort zone in order to reach the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life!

Bad habits are difficult to break primarily because we become accustomed to them.  To put it bluntly, we become comfortable with our uncomfortable circumstances.  Read today’s article to learn how to finally leave your unhealthy comfort zone in order to reach the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life!

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).  Satan uses the ignorance of God’s people against them.  The Bible confirms this fact in Hosea 4:6 which states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because they have rejected knowledge…”  The devil’s plan is to steal years off your life while keeping you entangled with the sin of gluttony and eating disorders.  He does this by tempting you to satisfy your flesh instead of eating and drinking for the glory of God to take care of your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If successful, gluttony and eating disorders will ultimately bring about your untimely death and destroy the abundant life God meant for you to share with your family and friends.  Regardless of how many times you’ve failed at dieting, breaking the cycle of bingeing and purging, or resisting your anorexia triggers in the past, don’t give up!  Seek the knowledge of God in regard to your battle to lose weight and overcome eating disorders.  Your life depends on it.

The Bible says that without a vision the people perish, but he that keeps the law is happy” (Proverbs 29:18).  That’s why having an image in your head of the healthy and fit version of yourself is critical to your success.  God has provided the vision for an abundant, healthy, and fit life through His Word and made it plain (Habakkuk 2:2).  All you have to do is obey it, and you will finally have weight loss success and conquer any eating disorder that has been a stronghold in your life.  But without taking steps to make the vision a reality, it is nothing more than an unfulfilled dream.  The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is action!  A dreamer hopes his dream will come true.  The visionary makes the dream come true.   Remember, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20).  God has given you the vision of a better you as a seed of faith in what you are destined to become.  It’s up to you to do the work of planting the seed and watering it.  That means, you must believe that you can achieve it and by faith take steps to make the dream your reality.

The power of the Holy Spirit is within you. As Christians, “We walk by faith not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).  Learning to eat for God’s glory may seem like a daunting task, but if like Abraham, you leave behind your comfortable surroundings, meaning your sinful eating habits, in obedience to God, you will inherit the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life.  Although achieving your weight loss goals and overcoming an eating disorder will take time, please remember that everything has a beginning.  In order to accomplish anything in life, you must first take a step towards your destination.  The road may be long with detours, potholes, roadkill, and accidents along the way, but it’s passable.  A step turns into feet.  Feet become yards.  Yards become miles.  Before long, you can’t see the point of origin even though the destination still hasn’t come into focus.  But if you keep moving forward through Christ, eventually, you will arrive.

Romans 12:1 teaches that we should present our bodies as living sacrifices which are holy and acceptable to God.  When you become a living sacrifice, your lifestyle reflects it.  Those who knew the past version of you marvel at the change, and those who hear your testimony about who you used to be and the things you used to do have difficulty believing it is true.  Not only does your behavior change, but your very character is fundamentally different.  The result is the same when you turn away from the sin of gluttony and failing to eat and drink for the glory of God to honor Him with your body as with every other sin.  

Those who knew you as an overweight glutton, an anorexic, or a sufferer of any other eating dysfunction will marvel at how God has changed your life.  Those who meet the healthy you will find it difficult to believe you’ve ever known a fat day, almost starved to death, or vomited after every meal.  The fact that you were able to overcome your sinful nature through Christ will plant seeds of faith in others that they can do the same.  In other words, it’s not really about you, losing weight, or conquering eating disorders.  It’s actually all about reaching the lost, setting the captives free, and preventing others from becoming ensnared by the sin of gluttony, making idols of their stomachs, and failing to eat and drink for the glory of God.

If you’re ready and willing to leave your comfort zone and trust God to work on your behalf in terms of weight loss and eating disorders, then purchase your copies of the Eating as an Act of Worship Workbook and the Eating as an Act of Worship Teacher’s Edition online today at Amazon or Barnes and  In the books, you will learn the biblical principles regarding the body, dieting, exercising, and maintaining a healthy body for the glory of God.  Read our weekly blog for motivation to stay healthy and fit through Christ.  Follow us daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for recipes, and diet and exercise tips.  Tune in to our syndicated radio show on the DFW Den Radio Station, the StudioW Buzz Radio Station, and Victory KVDW 100.9 FM, 95.3 FM, and 1530 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas for interviews and health and fitness trends.  Lastly, make your tax-deductible donation to Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries at!

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