Exposure Magazine Publisher, Tam Lawrence is proud to present one of our readers Kizzy McCray-Sheppard has released her story in the anthology “Reinvented to Rise.” Congrats to Kizzy McCray-Sheppard on your success and NEW release.

Reinvented to Rise aims to inspire other women from different walks of life through an anthology of stories. The diverse set of co-authors of “Reinvented to Rise” work in corporate environments, are retired, or are still building their careers. Most of them are coaches, financial consultants, psychologists, ministers, publishers, social workers, speakers, stay-at-home mothers, and so much more.

You will be riveted by the stories, and amazed by how these women chose to go against all odds to achieve the life that they desire. The authors are a mirror of those that the book was written to impact. This book was written to impact women of all backgrounds, facing any number of circumstances and looking to break into the promises that life holds for them. Get inspired, be encouraged, better is available. Reinvent to Rise.