It’s a Meeting in Tam’s Room: with Risha Ferdinand

Risha Ferdinand is a Business Growth Strategist with 15 years of work experience in Finance and Accounting of which she has been an Entrepreneur for 11 years.  Risha left the corporate world in 2018 to start her own family legacy. She is the CEO of Strategic Business Management Agency (SBMA), the Co-Founder of an Online Retail Store, a Lecturer, and an International Speaker.  

Risha holds a Business Administration Degree from the University of Hertfordshire. 

Mrs. Ferdinand is known for her outstanding global summit, the Direc-HER Business Summit held back in 2020. That summit had international celebrity entrepreneurs and icons as guest speaks, such as Mrs. Colleen Otero of the CEO Chicks Brand, TEDx Speaker and Singapore’s #1 Influencer Ms. Suria Sparks, Mrs. Monique Davis, the Success Coach, and Mrs. Golda Lee Bruce, an International Development Storyteller, just to name a few. 

Risha has the gift to translate the language of the number into business language so that entrepreneurs would have a greater understanding of their business performance before crafting strategic profit-growth strategies. 

Mrs. Ferdinand sells profit growth strategies to female-led businesses in both Product and Service Industries, which want to generate $30K in profits in the next 90days. 

Biography: Strategic Business Management Agency

Strategic Business Management Agency (SBMA) was incorporated in 2018. This agency provides business consultancy services to small and medium-sized entities across the globe. 

Services being offered are:

Business Coaching for product and services-based businesses

Operations Management Services such as Virtual Assistants Team, Social Media Management, Video Edits, and Copywriting.

Project Management Services for event launch, product launch, and course launch

SBMA hosts a number of workshops and courses to empower entrepreneurs to build successful legacies. 

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