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Welcome Cherisa Allen
Cherisa G. Allen, Motivational Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, and CEO of
Do You See What I See, LLC, is a Master’s degree Social Worker that has been practicing for approximately 30 years. Cherisa realized that the trauma of her molestation silenced her for many years. She begins to tap into her SuperPowers by empowering other women by telling her story and walking with them as they find their voice and begin to live out loud.  

Cherisa was once the little girl who was afraid to live out loud. She was worried about what others would think of her once she shared her trauma. She lived self-destructing because she did not understand the power of forgiveness. Cherisa made a choice to walk in her calling, to live and not die, and to let LOVE be the answer.  She understands the power of forgiveness, she no longer allows comparison to steal her joy, and she knows her worth. 

Cherisa’s clients describe her as “transparent, life-saver, humorous, a healer, a listener, and women that are determined and skilled at what she does”  

She is Cherisa, The Activator, and is here to take you from Stagnation to Activation…if you don’t know you better ask somebody! She absolutely loves what she does.

During my interview with Cherisa Allen, I saw a woman who is driven by her ability to step out on faith. As we continued the interview I asked Ms. Allen, “What was the one thing that impacted your life?” She answered, “I felt like I didn’t matter.” 

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