It’s a Meeting in Tam’s Room: Be in Color Media Strikes to Make Change

Tam Lawrence is a Registered State of Wisconsin Lobbyist who is fighting for the advancement of media in color, Lawrence has spent over a decade in mass communication she is a Marquette University and Kent University- The media mogul has syndicated content byway of Exposure Magazine a publication featuring today’s iconic leaders, social welfare and justice issues in America, generational growth, and more…

Color of Media

It’s a meeting in Tam’s Room is brought to you by Exposure Magazine, Exposure TV Network, Exposure Podcast Community. 

BE IN COLOR MEDIA SPIRIT WEEK kickoff on Monday, March 15, 2021, at 6:00 PM  CST you can learn more about the event CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The mission to change the narrative will take us to come together to discuss and activate a moment that builds a means of communication – using media of all forms responsibly. 


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