DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 25: Jared Goff #16 of the Detroit Lions warms up on the field prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on November 25, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

There are some marriages in sports that should end. There are some teams that have been together too long, and Coaches that have been in place too long.

There are sports conventions and concepts that are outdated, and that need to be updated. This article I pretend is if I’m the almighty Sports God that can make anything happen. Bobby Almighty if you will, only that all of these changes are within the sports world.

Change #1

Stop babying quarterbacks.  You can’t hit them high, you can’t hit them low. Even with all of these rules Quarterbacks still get hurt.  So let them play the game, make the rules about how you can hit a quarterback consistent and let’s stop throwing flags for breathing on a QB.

Change #2

There should be 1 boxing commission and belt per weight division and one champion.  Even if we kept the commissions lets make sure they only have 1 belt per weight class. 

There should not be a platinum champion or a super champion or a regular champion. Also champions should only be able to keep their belts if they are facing top 5 contenders annually. 

Let’s also do away with mandatory defenses, those are rarely interesting fights against two top fighters, and champions are able to maneuver around them anyway. 

But in closing, a simpler championship system, possibly one boxing commissioner, and fewer belts and champions fighting better competition is what I want to see in boxing.

Change #3

I believe that star players at Power 5 conference schools should get paid a stipend.  They are making millions for their universities they deserve a part of the action. They should make money off of their jerseys being sold in the school store, and they should get a stipend of salary.

 I’d love to see athletes get a small salary so they could send money home to their parents and families. And  they should stay in school longer and graduate instead of rushing themselves out to the pro ranks where many aren’t equipped for the jump.  This is in addition to name Image and Likeness already being in play.


Major League Baseball:  The designated hitter should be in both leagues.  The season should be shortened to 120 games, and play from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

Spring Training would be April-May instead of February-March.  September baseball gets eaten up by the NFL. And it’s tough for the World Series to compete with the NFL or the return of Hockey and the start of the NBA. 

Why do teams need to play division opponents 18 times? Play 12 games in division.  Play more interleague games.  National League should be able to see their team play Ohtani, or the Yankees, and American League fans would get an opportunity to see Bryce Harper and other National League stars. 

Also start marketing your players MLB.  More people should know who Ohtani is, more people should be able to recognize Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.


Russell Wilson gets out of Seattle.  Maybe it’s time for brother Russ to move on.  With so much of his salary eating up cap space in Seattle.

 The Seahawks really haven’t been a championship contender since Russ was on his rookie deal.  It’s time for Russ to cook elsewhere, because I believe the Pete Carroll and the Seattle experience has just about ran its course.  Both Coach, team and Quarterback all need a new start.

Change #6

Hey NFL, please stop subjecting us to Thanksgiving football games in Detroit!!!  The Lions are annually awful, why must we do this every year.  There are other teams with domes, if they need the game to be inside, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston.  Tradition is not a logical reason to continue to do something.  Logic at some point has to take over at the NFL offices.

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