her-story: is important “you need to know her…”

Produced by the Publisher of Exposure Magazine – @Tam Lawrence


I was simply thinking about a short written article that would examine the lives of women. Women from all walks of life. Oddly my journey, took me places I couldn’t stop thinking as to how this is BIGGER than just this one story or an article this is a movement. Here’s a clip (a sneak peek) behind the curtain of my discovery.

I never allowed others to determine my worth due to their lack of understanding. I have always been different, to tell you the truth-

My life is a sum of pain, expressed in my laughter and guided by my passion to give unconditionally.

I love to see others experience something I wish I knew for myself. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder what it feels like to live without pain.

Tam Lawrence

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