Earlier this week, the House Democrats delivered the nation a pleasant surprise when the new replacement for Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has led them since 2007 and announced her retirement from the long-held post (but not her seat) at the age of 82 earlier this month. She was unanimously replaced with Mr. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries, a little-known Black man from New York’s 8th Congressional District, who will shortly assume office as the House minority leader with a narrow Republic lead in the chamber.

Jeffries comes from a relatively obscure background, and has rarely come under the national spotlight. Born in Brooklyn, Jeffries received his entire education in the New York City, where he still resides with his family. After a brief profession in law and public service, Jeffries contested the congressional seat of Roger Green – another African American man known for being New York State Assembly’s first Muslim member – losing the bid in 2000, but succeeding in 2006.

Hakeem is currently serving in the House of Representatives since 2013, and has reached high office thanks to his tireless work ethic and exceptional connectivity with his constituents. He was elected chairman of the House Democratic Caucus in 2018, the fifth-highest office in the House controlled by his party. Thanks to his legal background, Jeffries famously served as the first Black Impeachment Manager during the historic first impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is known for his strong stance against what he believes to be the rise of far-right extremism in the Republican Party in recent years. Pointing out the American people’s rejection of Trump-allied candidates in the mid-term elections on November 8, Jeffries expressed his amazement at the continued Republican efforts to push their luck. He noted that if the Republicans are intent on “Holding the American economy hostage to the debt ceiling (as many leading Republicans have openly declared), that is a fight that we are prepared to lean into aggressively – and we will win”.

In his victory address, Jeffries took a punch at the Republican obsession with courting the (predominantly White) middle class. He described the Democratic mandate to: “Advance the ball for everyday Americans … fighting hard for working families, middle class folks, those who aspire to be part of the middle class … young people, seniors, immigrants, veterans; the poor, the sick, the afflicted, the least, the lost, and the left behind.”

Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, said he had known Mr. Jeffries, a Brooklyn neighbor, for years and expected to speak with him the same amount he now talks with Ms. Pelosi: about four to five times a day. “There’s going to be a whole bunch of Republicans who are not going to be happy with the MAGA direction of the party, and I couldn’t think of a better person to work with them to try and get some things done,” Mr. Schumer said.

The best is yet to come.

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