Tina Nelms Boson’s single “My Faith & My Fight” has captured the number one spot on internet radio according to BDS Charting, and has earned a spot on Gospel Music’s Top 100 on the MediaBase Chart.

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MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, April 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Tina Nelms Boson is uplifting and exhilarating audiences across the planet with her sonically pristine musical recording of “My Faith & My Fight,” which is climbing the charts at breakneck speed! Her music, which is nothing short of phenomenal, is making its mark in the music ministry with its messages of hope, love, and empowerment. Click on “GAMECHANGING FAITH” right now to get your copy of this amazing recording!

“My Faith & My Fight,” released on Indie record label Nelms Music Planet, LLC, is the latest musical rendering from Boson, an artist who has already created a reputation for having a very polished, high-quality sound that is solid in both musical form and solid lyrical content. In an industry where the message of God’s love can often get lost in the redundancy of cliché themes and lack of clarifying the “why” in what people of faith believe, Tina Nelms Boson provides new levels of depth through rich lyrics that are delivered with precision and grace. The musical production is smart and artistically driven, draws the listener in, and leaves them begging for more. Boson is creating quite a buzz in the Gospel music community as industry giants are taking notice of Boson’s refreshing take on music with a message.

Since its release, “My Faith & My Fight” has already reached over twenty thousand streams on Spotify and other internet streaming sites. Boson’s signature song has also ranked number one on internet radio according to BDS Charting, and has earned a spot on Gospel Music’s Top 100 on the MediaBase Chart.

“Tina Nelms Boson is redefining how we listen to and enjoy Gospel music,” said Daniel Musgrove, founder and CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution. “She is raising the bar and setting a new standard for how we approach the creation and production of music to be shared with the masses. Here at MMD, we’re extremely proud and excited to help Tina reach new heights in her music career as we expose her to wider audiences. The world needs artists like Tina Nelms Boson to provide more positive examples of musical mastery…and artistic integrity…in the constantly changing landscape of the Gospel music industry.”

When one listens to Boson’s music, she does not present as an up-and-coming artist who’s still trying to get their bearings in the very diverse and constantly morphing face of the Gospel music industry. In fact, she doesn’t sound like a “new” artist at all. Boson has a musical flair that we haven’t seen in Gospel in some time. Her vocal sound is reminiscent of powerhouse Gospel legend Helen Baylor, while at the same time displays the same smoothness and fervor of R&B icon Roberta Flack, and Neo-Soul vocal legend India Arie. But as they say, “don’t get it twisted,” because when Tina opens her mouth you will receive a veritable wall of sound that is wonderfully and uniquely hers. Tina Nelms Boson has that certain “something” that we often find lacking in up-and-coming artists, as there is a regalness in her sound that demands a certain air of respect, and it exudes a greatness that one can only expect from long-established artists who have been in the industry for decades. The main questions that will come up when new listeners hear her music will be “Who Is She?”, “Where did she come from?”, and “Why haven’t I heard of her until now?”

Boson was born, raised, and currently resides in The Energy Capital Of The World, Houston TX. At Antioch Missionary Baptist Church she was raised in the admonition of Christ, and as a child she actively participated in her church’s music department where she sang in the choir. As early as age five, not only did she start learning to play piano, but early on she displayed a natural aptitude and prodigious skill regarding music and her playing. In her teens she added saxophone to her skillset, and she was already taking huge musical strides and making a name for herself in the Gospel music community as a choir director and vocalist. By age sixteen, she wowed audiences with her original song, “He Is So Able,” which was performed by Houston Mass Choir at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, her original piece “O Sing Unto The Lord” was presented

in the New Music Class of the GMWA, and she also won the GMWA Debutante the same year with singing being her special talent.

Boson released her debut single in 2020 entitled “I Win,” under the pseudonym Tina-B. In the interim between “I Win” and “My Faith & My Fight,” she has released “There Is Hope” in 2020, and “Wait On Him” in 2021. 

“What inspired me to become an artist is my conviction and desire to inspire, motivate, and draw others to Christ…through my music and the gifts God has blessed me with,” stated Boson. “My music is inspired by my personal life experiences. It is also inspired by others and their experiences, combined with the revelation of God’s scriptures during my personal devotion and study time. My hope is that my music provides people with encouragement and a desire for a better tomorrow with Christ, while also motivating people to endure whatever challenges life brings, because the victory is already ours in Christ Jesus.”

Boson hopes to one day do collaborations with artists such as Brian Courtney Wilson, Lisa Page Brooks, Wes Morgan, and Maranda Curtis. When asked what advice she might offer to fans and admirers of her work, she replied, “Never stop dreaming, and dream big. God’s purpose for us is always so much bigger than we could ever imagine So keep your faith and keep fighting, because God has not forgotten you, and He has an audience waiting for you to be authentically YOU. Execute the gifts that he has placed in you for HIS GLORY!”

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