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It is my belief that everything in nature, from the tiniest molecules to the universe itself, is designed to teach us about the spiritual realm and ultimately point us to the One True Living God. Protons, electrons, and neutrons are no exception. Some people learn to reflect God’s image by being positive in their thoughts and actions and speaking life to their circumstances, over their families, and about their future. In other words, they behave like protons.  Others, like electrons, always reflect unrighteousness by focusing on the negative, living a sinful lifestyle, and speaking death to every situation. Then there are the neutrons, those who are lukewarm, never really choosing a side.  They just let things happen and sway in the direction of the strongest current at the time.

Just like the nucleus of an atom is home to all three molecules, so is our planet populated by people who fall into those categories physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. However, nature teaches us that the elements in the periodic table vary in terms of the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons they have. For instance, hydrogen atoms usually have only one (1) electron and one (1) proton, but no neutrons are present.

Why the science lesson? On your health and fitness journey, you will encounter those who are positive and encouraging, who keep you focused and uplifted, making it easier to carry on, but this planet is full of negative people who will also do the opposite. They will criticize your diet plan, doubt your ability to succeed, and tell you to give up because your goals are unattainable. The very worst ones will claim some people are just meant to be fat. Then you will meet those who do not care to change. They are happy to remain fat. While they will not necessarily sabotage your efforts, they also will not really care if you succeed or fail.

You cannot leave the planet to escape these various personalities. Like the molecules, you are stuck with the people of this world all the days of your life.  However, you do have a choice about who you spend your time with. In nature, molecules are constantly in motion. You should be, too. Move ever closer to the Lord by being obedient to Him and further away from unrighteousness and those who practice it. Lastly, steer your thoughts in the direction of claiming God’s promise to give you the desires of your heart as you seek Him (Matthew 6:33), and move your body by exercising for His glory to repair and maintain His holy temple.

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