Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo planning Comeback Smashing Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Reportedly, Andrew Cuomo is planning his return after his resignation due to the accusation of sexual harassment last year. In its report, Wall Street Journal noted Cuomo and his adherents are striving to renew his public standing, along with deeming the strategies to make the first public standing after his departure in August.

A few political operatives have marked that, presumably, he would be endeavoring for attorney general against Letitia James, New York Attorney General in 2022, after chattering with Cuomo and his supporters. According to the people, Andrew Cuomo hasn’t made any open declaration any campaign, but his inclination was judged based on his articulation regarding Ms. James and his questions on the current political ambiance of the state. The people also added that it’s his fashion of positioning questions before making any decision.

64 years old Cuomo saw impeachment and subtraction from his office after plenty of allegations regarding sexual harassment, criticism about his failure to handle covid and pandemic situation, and releasing wrong information about death cases in nursing homes.

The re-launch of Cuomo’s political career is facilitated by the campaign funds of more than $166 million in his name and the local prosecutor’s decision not to continue with charges of harassment allegations. However, in the month-long investigation run by James, Cuomo has been seen as a harasser of 11 women. Cuomo tried to shatter these findings with his complete efforts. His lawyer has conducted several briefing sessions to indict James for conducting a prejudiced inspection, within the last few months. James has deserted a short gubernatorial campaign and aspiring for being elected again in the Attorney general’s post.

Although reinstating position and popularity after returning from scandals is difficult for politicians, it’s not entirely impractical. But, if the campaigns of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, Democrat politicians, for the New York City office are recalled, both of them were unsuccessful in returning, smashing their resignations and attached sexual scandals.

Despite this fact, Andrew Cuomo might have a possible superior edge over the prior-mentioned Democrats since the charges he was booked with have been dropped. Another political strategist from New York, familiar with advisers of Cuomo, has stated that discussions on his probable comeback have been made.

According to the sources, a timeline of his reemergence and stratagems of executing is not defined yet. The sources state that Cuomo will probably attend a dinner with Eric Adams, Mayor of New York. However, he has not talked about this anticipated dinner invitation till now, except stating that he is not looking for political advice from Andrew Cuomo, as It would be on governance. A published interview in Bloomberg mentions that the ex-governor is pitiful regarding his departure from the office, as he is now confident about becoming vindicated the following month. However, he doesn’t step backward from stating that he resigned because of not being interested in existing as a distraction.

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