When you lose weight, everyone wants to know how you did it, especially the people in your circle who are overweight themselves. The conversation usually goes something like this: “You look good! Have you lost weight? What are you doing?” In the past, you have probably overhead a similar discussion, posed the question to a person who has lost weight yourself, or you have been asked the question during a time when you have enjoyed weight loss success. People ask because everyone is looking for the secret formula, the magic pill, or the weight loss solution that will finally work and set them free from the agony of their own heavy, often diseased, bodies.

The person on the receiving end of the question usually smiles proudly and gushes all about how much weight she has shed, how many inches she has lost, what dress size she now wears, and of course, the new diet gimmick, fad, pill, gym, or weight loss program that she is currently using. In other words, the weight loss plan gets all the glory. The slimmer person sings its praises to all who will listen, then everyone jumps on that proverbial bandwagon for a while.  Unfortunately, a week, a month, or on a really good stretch, even a year later, they have all regained the weight they lost and added a few more pounds. In other words, they are worse off than before they began.

When you eat as an act of worship, things are different. First and foremost, you recognize that your problem is rooted in sin, and the only way to uproot the sin is through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Second, this revelation leads you to understand that no diet plan is ever going to work for you long-term apart from Him. Consequently, you have no choice but to give God the glory for what He alone has done! He guides you to the diet plan that is perfect for your body type.  He strengthens you when you are weak and want to give up. He gives you the grace to be permanently set free from the sin of gluttony, and He makes you healthy and fit for life! Accordingly, when God delivers you and blesses you to reach your weight loss goals, always be careful to “give unto the Lord the glory due unto His Name” (Psalm 96:8).

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