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I was in San Juan as this was written, so sit back and plan your next holiday destination. This article is a review of my experiences in San Juan and beyond in my four days here. 

I had no idea what I was in store for when I made the trip to Puerto Rico this week.  I admittedly did not do a ton of research on it or the culture or the food or things to do. 

The things to do I did see were the standard things you see in island territories and nations.  (ATVing, horseback riding, walking tours yeah yeah yeah)  Same old stuff!

Many of my clients would be scared off from Puerto Rico because it doesn’t have all-Inclusive resorts.  I had not been here to be able to give them enough information to sway them back into traveling here.  Now, that I have experienced the island, I can fully recommend coming to this US Territory.

First let’s talk about the covid-19 restrictions.  I would suggest being vaccinated before coming here.  They do ask for vaccination information going through the airport, and some facilities will not allow you to come in without vaccination paperwork. 

If you’re not vaccinated you’ll need proof of a negative test.  You’ll go to to complete your Covid information.  Do all registration before you leave for the airport. 

Some airlines won’t let you on the plane to Puerto Rico without the QR code that you receive after completing your information.  If you do not complete this before, it could mean a long hold up and waiting in long lines at the Airport just to exit. 

Also make sure you have your vaccination card or negative results easily available to upload if you don’t have the documents uploaded already. 

Once you’re through the airport, there’s plenty to see and experience in Puerto Rico.  One site that many go to see is the Old San Juan, that’s a touristy area with older buildings, and some bars and restaurants and lots of great history and tours are offered, it’s one of the cheaper tours offered. 

Most importantly, is where you stay; I stayed at two different resorts during my stay.  

First resort was the Caribe Hilton which is a historic location, as it was the first Hilton location outside of the mainland United States. The Caribe Hilton was also the original home of the Pina Colada. 

Ramon “Monchito” Marrero was the Hotel’s bartender in 1954 and was tasked with creating a drink that fit the flavor of the island.  What he came up is what we know now as the Pina Colada. 

His original recipe called for White Rum, Coconut cream, heavy cream, Pineapple juice, crushed ice, a pineapple wedge and a cherry for garnish. The hotel celebrated Monchito by offering guests Pina Coladas for free at the Pool area every day at noon. 

I strongly recommend the Caribe Hilton as it’s considered one of the go to properties for anyone that travels to the Island. The other property I’m currently sitting at is the San Juan Marriott. 

It doesn’t have the personality or culture of Caribe Hilton.  But it’s clean, it’s comfortable, it has a casino, better access to the beach, amazing views, and beautiful pool area. 

Places to go see

Go to El Yunque National forest that’s the only Rainforest in US Territory.  There’s ziplining and many other activities in that mountainous area.  Another area is Distrito T-Mobile an area that’s best compared to the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, with lots of lights, performance areas, sports bars, and lots of glam.  The final area I’ll tell you about is LaPlacita.  This is like the Miami/Mykonos of Puerto Rico.

In conclusion, if you don’t have a passport, go to Puerto Rico.  If you do have one, still go to Puerto Rico.  It’s a great island locale.  Lots of culture, lots of water based activities. 

Lots of history:  If you’re looking to create some memories in an amazing getaway, send me an email at so we can help you get your Puerto Rican adventure set up.

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